Drew Barrymore’s Bohemian Home Decor Collection for Walmart Screams Florida Airbnb, and I Love It

Drew Barrymore has released a piece of furniture and domestic items line referred to as Flower Home at Walmart to share her “bohemian” style with most people at affordable fees. It’s a noble goal, but how actual to her private taste are all two hundred+ gadgets? Allow me, a human with zero traditional indoors design education and a whole lot of reviews, to be the judge of that.

Item one:

Seashells, the vegetation of the ocean! These are gaudy in a especially Florida Airbnb kind of way (the furnishings that decorate each villa in Kissimmee, FL and the alternative small cities adjacent to Disney World?) That said, they’re quite adorable. $26 is pretty low priced, too, specifically considering they weigh four pounds.

Drew Barrymore's Bohemian Home Decor Collection for Walmart Screams Florida Airbnb, and I Love It 1

I love those pleasant-looking birds (and all over again, the coloration scheme endorse a robust Florida excursion vibe); however, why is it $124? It’s a print in a pleasing frame, and it’s quite big; however, for more than one hundred greenbacks?

That’s, like, 31 rolls of white Christmas lighting fixtures at Walmart or 25 luggage of Tyson-logo fowl nuggets. Not a deal. If you don’t have youngsters, pets, or a messy associate—these creamy white cloth baskets make for a remarkable accent. But I consider the electricity of Ikea, where you could likely snatch something of the same or extra value for much less than that $70 charge factor.

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