European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards 2018 Winner – Principle Cleaning Services

Principle Cleaning Services account manager Ben Swinbourne worked tirelessly to address the challenges on his cleansing contract. His achievement earned him the Rising Star prize in the 2018 European Cleaning & Hygiene Awards.
Ben Swinbourne began operating for Principle Cleaning Services as an account manager at Paddington Central – a combined use, business, residential and retail property – in London in November 2018. It changed into a totally difficult time on that account.
The team became disengaged, unmotivated and operating in silos. The client, in the meantime, become annoyed with levels of carrier transport, the high fee of personnel turnover and the ensuing declines. Those frustrations have been expressed through KPI rankings and for the duration of month-to-month conferences.
Swinbourne without delay created a six-month plan to increase the agreement into a ‘lighthouse’ account for Principle. “Lighthouse accounts are the accounts all others inside the commercial enterprise look as much as. They show off new innovation and are the same old bearers,” explains Scott Fitzgerald, companion director at Principle Cleaning.
The basics of that strategy had been to create a group that changed into ‘engaged, empowered and running with purpose and pride’. To do that, Swinbourne created an engagement plan based totally round communique. There is now a month-to-month complete account crew meeting, a weekly crew leaders’ meeting and a daily ‘huddle’ referred to as the [email protected] where the account control team get together for 10 minutes every morning. They discuss the challenges and successes of the previous and upcoming day and that has resulted in better communication and engagement.
Fitzgerald maintains: “Ben additionally created a Reward & Recognition program, quarterly ‘GEM’ (Going the Extra Mile) awards, Employee of the Month awards and Thank You for playing cards for the team members to understand a task well completed. This intended that he was not most effective capable of speak the purchaser’s wishes to the group, but it allowed the group to talk with Ben and different participants of the crew.”
Quarterly GEM awards are issued to crew members who aid the patron or the team in a manner this is above and beyond their regular remit. It may be supporting out after hours or sporting a suitcase for a consumer – any form of fantastic behavior. An employee of The Month, in the meantime, recognizes an employee who’s always punctual, smart in appearance, continually willing to assist the group and the patron, and presentations a tremendous can-do mindset.
Thank You playing cards are issued by using the account management, the crew, and the consumer. Collecting 5 cards are rewarded with a voucher bonus.
Since Swinbourne joined Principle patron KPI ratings have reached file highs – above 95 according to the cent. Not only that, the contract has been extended for a further two years, an actual testament to his efforts.
Having graduated in criminology and earned a qualification in accounting and finance, Swinbourne received vast revel in of account management for a diverse range of properties round London.
Now his key obligations consist of P&L accounting; monetary efficiency and overall performance; health and safety compliance; month-to-month KPI meetings; HR performance control and disciplinary approaches; and sub-contractor control.
So what does an ordinary week appear like for him at Paddington Central? Swinbourne does every day tours of the campus to ensure standards are being maintained and to cope with any troubles that have arisen. Client dating constructing is a key part of the function and there are five clients at the site, all special. Keeping in contact with the team with a view to make sure concord and contentment are essential too, as it enables to decrease attrition quotes and keep standards.
Part of Swinbourne’s remit is finance and price range management, as are fitness and safety critiques in order that they absorb a part of his operating week. He also delegates reactive responsibilities to the group and guarantees these impacts positively on carrier levels and client pride.
What are his goals for destiny? “To develop and continually progress inside Principle, always adding cost to the organization and to constantly be learning new abilities and broadening my know-how of the industry,” replies Swinbourne. “I would like to upward push via the ranks inside Principle as it’s far the main smooth carrier provider in London. Awards consisting of the European Cleaning and Hygiene Awards demonstrate what a wonderful organization Principle is and I am proud to have received the Rising Star award.”
Scott Fitzgerald concludes: “Since becoming a member of the organization Ben’s ardor, best, and the many innovations he has introduced to this contract have simply stood out. He has been a splendid addition to our control crew.”

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