First Selectman: Town May Consider Selling Piece of Former Lapham Property Below Merritt Parkway

Saying sales would move toward the renovation of Waveny House, New Canaan’s maximum elected reputable said he’d discussed the viable deal of a disused and disconnected part of the previous Lapham property for residential development. According to First Selectman Kevin Moynihan, the about 6.25 acres positioned below the Merritt Parkway and at the west aspect of Lapham Road will be bought for as much as $2 million for two residential building lots. The belongings referred to as “Parcel A” are undoubtedly one of several parcels that New Canaan acquired from Ruth Lapham Lloyd in 1967. It is the handiest one whose deed permits it to be sold, Moynihan instructed

First Selectman: Town May Consider Selling Piece of Former Lapham Property Below Merritt Parkway 1

The concept of selling the property has been discussed quietly for years and will become a proper thought as the Board of Finance has “mentioned casting off property,” Moynihan stated throughout an interview the remaining week. “But the town receives no need out of that property. The money would be positioned into the protection of Waveny House, so it would be respectful that it turned into a part of Waveny,” Moynihan said.

Lapham Lloyd, in 1962, had proficient New Canaan six acres “downhill” from the parcel in question to construct the top degrees of the Talmadge Hill Parking Lot, Moynihan stated. In 1966, she donated forty-six acres to the metropolis for the “new” high school, and then 20 more, and in 1967, the town acquired nearly three hundred acres that encompass what is known as Waveny Park.

That acquisition changed into a sequence of deeds that divided the assets into numerous parcels, including the only one in the query. The assets do not currently gain New Canaan, Moynihan stated, and he’s discussed the idea of promoting it for years with the leadership of the finance board. Darien citizens dwelling on the south side of Talmadge Hill Road might stand for the handiest type of sale to convert the parcel into building lots.

Moynihan said. (Under the Darien Zoning Regulations, the Talmadge Hill residences that front Parcel A are in the “R-2” or residential-care sector.) A committee is currently analyzing ADA necessities and getting ready to make pointers about how exceptional it is to make accessibility upgrades to Waveny House, including an elevator, reachable routes, and lavatory centers.

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