How Much is the Cast of ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Worth?

Million Dollar Listing is undoubtedly one of Bravo’s maximum famous suggests — and the excessive-profile folks that buy homes at the display have a ton of money. But so do the cast members, who’re all agents or agents in the Los Angeles and New York areas.

These women and men promote hundreds of hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate each year — however, how an awful lot are they all worth? Here are the modern forged members from each Los Angeles and New York, ranked.

How Much is the Cast of ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Worth? 1

Tracy Tutor: Unknown

Tracy Tutor is the handiest woman cast member between both of them indicates, and she maintains her net worth non-public. She’s frequently seen driving around in expensive motors and has her hair and make-up done using an expert crew. However, she recently underwent a divorce, and it’s uncertain how that impacted her net worth.

James Harris and David Parnes: $6 million every

James Harris and his business associate, David Parnes, are each well worth less than half of what the opposite Los Angeles cast members are worth. Combined, they still don’t come close. However, it appears that every episode, they get another multi-million-dollar listing sent their way; because of this, they aren’t as ways at the back as the numbers may also cause them to appear. Give it some years, and these two Brits should dominate the Los Angeles real property game.

Steve Gold: $10 million

Before breaking into actual property, Steve Gold becomes clear in modeling. He joined Million Dollar Listing: New York back in 2017 after Luis Ortiz left the show. He revealed that he had gotten tired of modeling and became seeking out a one-of-a-kind professional route. He broke into the actual property and hadn’t appeared returned. As of April 2018, Gold had sold almost $87 million worth of real estate, and it’s no question that variety has climbed within the past yr.

Josh Altman: $20 million

Josh Altman gets on everyone’s nerves, but there’s a motive for that: He’s a danger. Altman and his brother have offered billions of dollars in real estate, seeing that they moved to California to interrupt the industry. Altman has offered homes to celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, and currently lives in an $8 million Hollywood mansion along with his wife and daughter.

Ryan Serhant: $20 million

New York’s Ryan Serhant has been at the show since it first premiered. He, like Gold, was in modeling previous to breaking into real estate. He also had a quick-acting career, but ultimately, an actual estate is where he made his cash. In 2010, while he becomes simplest 25, Serhant was forged as one of the real estate sellers for Bravo’s newest derivative, Million Dollar Listing: New York. Since then, his real estate portfolio has grown the simplest. He’s one of the most successful dealers in the usa with a net worth of $20 million.

Josh Flagg: $25 million

Josh Flagg is one of the flashiest cast members at the display, but humans love it. He has a piece of a dry sense of humor, which may be how he sells houses. Flagg has been in the actual estate for the reason that he became 18, and he grew up in Beverly Hills in a very affluent family, which put him a step above his opposition; he’s extraordinarily acquainted with the place. Today, he’s worth around $25 million and has offered greater than $2 billion in actual estate.

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