How This Real Estate Agent Made $a hundred,000 In One Month From His YouTube Channel

Would you want to make a whole lot of cash with a YouTube channel? A lot of humans would, and many are trying.
Motivation comes from the YouTube achievement memories. One of those testimonies is Graham Stephan, an actual property agent who made properly over $one hundred,000 in just one latest month from his YouTube channel. If you want to make money on YouTube, Graham is clearly an example to observe, now not the least because he stocks his strategies in extreme detail. Graham Stephan is a riveting speaker, to mention the least. I watched him How plenty I made from 10 Million Views in 30 Days video in making ready this text and didn’t note till the very quit of the 15-minute presentation that it became produced in his kitchen.

How This Real Estate Agent Made $a hundred,000 In One Month From His YouTube Channel 1

He doesn’t promise all and sundry can make it large on YouTube, but he freely shares what’s worked for him – in addition to pitfalls to keep away from. How Graham Stephan Made $a hundred 000 in One Month from His YouTube Channel Let’s begin with the truth that Graham’s primary career is real property sales. He released his YouTube channel in December 2016, particularly because he loves speaking about money and the concept it’d be a laugh to do it on YouTube films. Graham talks about making investment money and stock strategies that might be operating for him on the channel.

He covers financial independence, early retirement, “house hacking,” credit, and saving cash. Along the way, he got excited about the potential to make money on YouTube from watching other a success YouTubers. On November 7 of the remaining 12 months, Graham was given greater than 1.2 million views on a YouTube video he made approximately the J.P. Morgan Reserve Credit Card. That one video went viral, and he claims he made $7,293.02 as a result. “It’s occasionally so random which films YouTube decides to push, due to the fact – wow – I did not assume that video to get such a lot of views,” Graham confesses.

As a result of that video, several human beings asked him how much cash he’s made on his YouTube channel altogether. He broke down how much he made at some stage in the entire 12 months of 2018. That’s sales from all channels – ad revenue, software income, talking engagements, Amazon associates, and sponsorships. His total revenue for the 12 months? He disclosed $253,318.02. Graham then set out to do something that appeared insane and created films that generate over 10 million perspectives in a single month.
A screenshot of the 30-day period (March 25 to April 23, 2019) shows almost 69 million mins of watch time on nearly 10.3 million perspectives for the month. I hear this question all the time.

Most people assume that property portals in India are working towards eliminating agents and facilitating direct interaction between seller and buyer. Though this is partially correct, real estate agents are the biggest customers of these portals, and the portals are doing their bit to facilitate their growth. We interact with agents every day, and we see most of them are doing good business. I want to take some time and explain the dynamics behind Indian real estate, the role agents’ play, and how the role of agents is going to change in the future.

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