Is Tre Kronor Property Investment AB (publ) (STO:3KR) A Financially Sound Company?

While small-cap shares, along with Tre Kronor Property Investment AB (publ) (STO:3KR) with its marketplace cap of kr1.0b, are famous for their explosive increase, traders should additionally be aware of their balance sheet to decide whether or not the agency can continue to exist a downturn. Assessing first and predominant.

Financial fitness is critical, as mismanagement of capital can cause bankruptcies, which arise at a better fee for small caps. The following simple tests assist you in getting a picture of the organization’s balance sheet power. However, capacity traders would want to take a closer look, and I’d inspire you to dig deeper yourself into 3KR right here.

Is Tre Kronor Property Investment AB (publ) (STO:3KR) A Financially Sound Company? 1

3KR’s Debt (And Cash Flows)

3KR’s debt levels surged from kr494m to kr1.3b over the past twelve months, incorporating lengthy-term debt. With this boom in debt, the cutting-edge coins and quick-time period funding levels stand at kr174m, ready to be used for going for walks in the commercial enterprise. On top of this, 3KR has generated cash from operations of kr42m at some point of the same time frame, resulting in operating coins to a general debt ratio of 3.Three%, signaling that 3KR’s contemporary stage of running cash isn’t always excessive enough to cowl debt.

Do 3KR’s liquid assets cover its quick-time period commitments?

Looking at 3KR’s kr170m in modern-day liabilities, the business enterprise has maintained a safe stage of present-day property to satisfy its responsibilities, with the modern-day ratio last status at 1.08x. The modern-day ratio is calculated by way of dividing modern-day assets through cutting-edge liabilities. Generally, this is an affordable ratio for Real Estate agencies since there is a piece of a coins buffer without leaving too much capital in low-return surroundings…

Does 3KR face the chance of succumbing to its debt-load?

With total debt exceeding equity, 3KR is taken into consideration as a surprisingly levered organization. This is a bit uncommon for a small-cap stock because they typically have a tougher time borrowing than large extra installed corporations. We can look at whether or not 3KR is capable of meeting its debt obligations.

Means of looking on the internet hobby insurance ratio. A agency generating earnings before hobby and tax (EBIT) at least 3 instances its net hobby bills is taken into consideration financially sound. In 3KR’s case, the ratio of three.07x shows that interest is correctly covered; lenders may be willing to lend more money to the employer, as it’s far seen as safe in terms of payback.

Next Steps:

Although 3KR’s debt degree is toward the better cease of the spectrum, its coins glide coverage seems good enough to satisfy duties this means that its debt is being correctly utilized. This may also mean this is the finest capital structure for the business, given that it’s also assembly its brief-term dedication. This is a hard evaluation of financial fitness, and I’m positive 3KR has organization-particular troubles impacting its capital structure decisions. I propose you hold to investigate Tre Kronor Property Investment to get a more holistic view of the small-cap by using looking at:

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