Lincolnwood board approves contract to update roofs at Community Center

A Melrose Park company will replace the roofs on the Lincolnwood Community Center for up to $183 hundred under a complex agreement presented by the Village Board on March 5.
Trustees voted unanimously to lease DCG Roofing Solutions Inc. To replace all three roofs at the center, 4170 Morse Ave., after two appendices have been asked of the bottom bids submitted using six groups.
DCG became the second-lowest bidder but the lowest to encompass the two addendums after officials located a sloped roof on the center that wishes to get replaced; the sloped roof’s deck includes gypsum board, not plywood, stated Andrew Letson, public works director for Lincolnwood.
“We held a pre-bid meeting with all the bidders,” Letson said. “We located the bottom fabric at the slope, which had to be adjusted.”The Community Center, bought from the American Legion in 1989, carries three roofing structures, one flat and one sloped, according to a public works file provided to the board.
The record stated that since the village offered the property, the handiest giant paintings carried out on the roofs became a partial alternative in 1995. In 2016, an inspection of the roofs decided the flat roofs wanted to be replaced and the sloped roof resealed, it said.
Last fall, engineers determined that the sloped roof had similarly deteriorated and had to be replaced, the file stated.
Letson said The assignment, scheduled to begin in April, is predicted to be completed on May 31.
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd., which reviewed the final bids, decided that National Roofing, the lowest bidder, did not offer to replace the gypsum board with a bitumen roofing system instead of fiberglass shingles. Because of that discrepancy, Gerry Hennelly, senior undertaking manager for Burke, endorsed DCG for the challenge.


Lincolnwood board approves contract to update roofs at Community Center 1
“An evaluation of all bids changed into completed,” Hennelly stated. “DCG Roofing is the bottom responsive bidder and has reveled in working with numerous nod municipalities on numerous previous tasks of very compa scope.”National Roofing bid $125,000 on the assignment, Letson stated.
DCG delivered $9,020 for tuckpointing and $27,000 for a substitute of the gypsum deck, if important, to its initial bid of $147,080, stated T.J. Taylor, provider superintendent for the enterprise.
Nonetheless, Taylor wrote in a supplement to the business enterprise’s bid that DCG no longer counts on updating the deck.
“Due to the structural slope on the existing roof and our survey of the roof, we might not assume the want for deck substitute,” Taylor said. “The pricing proven above represents a unit value that might best be charged if deck alternative turns into essential.”

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