Magashule saga: Hantsi Matseke denies DA’s allegations of a assets condominium scandal

There is not any reality to DA allegations that her business enterprise is worried in a corrupt deal involving the apartment of a building in Bloemfontein to the Free State government, Hantsi Matseka, director of Mayula Procurement and Property Management, instructed Netwerk24.
Matseka was responding to the birthday party’s allegations that it had statistics approximately the alleged deal.
At a media conference on Monday, Free State DA leader Patricia Kopane stated former Free State most suitable and modern ANC secretary widespread Ace Magashule was involved in a corrupt belongings apartment scheme in which buildings had been rented via the Free State authorities as places of work.
“The [DA’s] allegations are baseless, grossly defamatory, illegal and are irreparably harming our clients’ reputations,” Matseka’s attorneys wrote in a letter to Media24 and the DA.
The DA alleged that it had facts about a scheme Magashule used for the duration of his tenure as Free State ideal for manipulating condo agreements for country homes “to the gain of a few close buddies and himself”.
Kopane stated the apartment agreements were signed with the aid of both Magashule himself or by way of a member of his government, which is a severe infringement of the Public Finance Management Act. In terms of the act, most straightforward a director-popular or department head is accepted to signal provincial government contracts.
Favor price
Kopane stated the DA believed the alleged non-compliance with the act was in step with its accusation that Magashule ensured that he received a 10% “favor fee” of the price of all contracts presented through the Free State authorities.
The DA alleged that it had “clear information” that as a minimum one such rental agreement changed into the installation to enable a chum of Magashule to buy the constructing in the query and to allow her to make improvements while it became not yet occupied with the aid of the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure.
Kopane recognized the building as the former Saambou constructing, positioned on the corner of Charlotte Maxeke Street and Aliwal Street in Bloemfontein. The building is owned through Mayula Procurement and Property Management. The director of the business enterprise is Hantsi Bhetilda Mayeza, or Matseke, who’s additionally the chairperson of the Free State Development Corporation.
In phrases of the apartment settlement, that Netwerk24 has seen, the Free State Department of Public Works signed the condo settlement for the former Saambou building, placed on the corner of Charlotte Maxeke Street and Aliwal Street in Bloemfontein, for R726 167.36 according to month from February 1 closing year. The DA additionally alleged that “upgrades are still being finished and that the constructing might only be occupied with the aid of the department inside a few months.” The DA similarly stated it had statistics that, all through his closing days in the workplace as most desirable, Magashule allegedly insisted that his pal is presented the rental settlement.


Denying allegations
Matseke has denied the allegations. She stated her business enterprise offered the building and that it became not a state-owned asset, as Netwerk24 incorrectly said earlier.
In the letter by her felony representative, Matseke says that the apartment of the constructing become offered to her and her corporation, Mayula Procurement, following a normal bidding method. They also deny that any lease has been paid by using the department since the apartment settlement was signed because the building is unoccupied.
The branch’s very last inspection of the property will take region later this month and its miles foreseeable that the office will occupy the building quickly after that, the letter stated. Rent will only be payable as soon as the department employs the constructing, Matzke’s prison consultant said.
Matseke also denied that the improvements to the building have been being financed via the Free State government. “These charges are carried by way of Mayula,” the legal professional’s letter states. Matseke additionally denies that her corporation obtained any preferential treatment from Magashule.
Werner Horn, head of the DA inside the Free State, stated the party stood through its declaration. The records became acquired from a whistleblower who fears for his lifestyles due to the fact whistleblowers aren’t competently protected, Horn said.

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