MASTER GARDENERS: Start planting spring bulbs

It’s time! If you’re making plans to plant bulbs so one can bloom in the spring, now’s the time. The soil temperature ought to be 60 stages or less warm, and as a minimum two weeks before the first frost.

Bulbs may be planted in containers or within the floor. If you need to plant in packing containers, here are the stairs:

>> Be certain your field has a drainage hollow within the bottom.

>> Fill your field with a terrific first-class potting soil.

>> Place the tip of the bulb up (until the commands at the bundle say in another way).

>> The depth must be two instances the length of the bulb.

>> It’s tempting to plant too many in every box. Remember the roots want room to develop.

> Water deeply to remove air wallet which can have shaped. Water simplest occasionally for the duration of the winter.


If you are planting directly in the ground, follow these steps:

>> Gently loosen about eight” of soil and cast off weeds or roots. Add a little compost or different organic material.

>> Follow the label advice for planting intensity. Set the bulb within the hollow with the pointed grow to be. It is usually smooth to determine out, however if you may, plant it on its facet. Most will discover their manner to the floor.

>> Now fill with soil and gently faucet the soil keeping off being “heavy surpassed”.

>> Water to stimulate root growth.

Since we stay in a place that has little precipitation within the winter months, you could need to water handiest occasionally.

Additional recommendations you may locate useful:

>> Always select right first-class bulbs.

>> Plant in an area that gets at the least 6 hours of sun day by day.

>> Keep the area weed lose. You don’t want the weeds stealing the nutrients your bulbs need.

>> If you’ve got squirrels or dogs who love to dig, you can cover the floor with chicken twine until the vegetation come up inside the Spring.

>> Plant in bizarre numbered companies instead of rows.

>> Plant extraordinary forms of bulbs together, whether or not in bins or within the ground, for added coloration.

>> When you are figuring out which bulbs you need to plant, don’t forget we’re in Zone 7b.

For greater statistics, call the AgriLife workplace at 498-4071 in Odessa or at 686-4700 in Midland.

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