NuFlors and Shannon Specialty Floors to Feature SetaGrip Flooring Technology on the 2019 EFA Expo

Flores, innovator of patent-pending SetaGrip Technology for floors, will show off at the 2019 Environments for Aging (EFA) Conference in Salt Lake City, UT, this April. Flores turned into named the Bronze Product Innovation Award winner in 2018 by way of EFA for the modern, adhesive-loose floors installation era. We’ve started R&D paintings for wall panels and different interior enhancements products and are excited to see where this era will continue to expand.” says NuFlors Managing Partner, David J Kim.

NuFlors and Shannon Specialty Floors to Feature SetaGrip Flooring Technology on the 2019 EFA Expo 1

Flores (sales space 628), together with Shannon Specialty Floors (sales space 630), will reveal the blessings of SetaGrip and the way it is converting the manner flooring is being hooked up within the enterprise. SetaGrip is a new idea inside the setup of flooring without adhesives. It permits clean elimination without residue making installation and repairs quicker than any other product on the market.

NuFlors’ and Shannon’s partnership began in January of 2019 within the distribution and selling of the idea of the loose-lay floor, SetaGrip. Its era uses millions of micro-sized pores, vacuum, and bad air strain to adhere to any flat, non-porous floor safely. The idea of the We are thrilled to introduce SetaGrip into our line of excessive-overall performance floors answers as an alternative to click on and floating flooring with the security of adhesion and quite simply of installation and absence of liquid adhesive,” stated Jeff Collum.

CEO and President of Shannon Specialty Floors. “The performance, sturdiness, and versatility match strongly with our selling values and offer a brand new intensity of offering for the Shannon Specialty Floors distributorship. SetaGrip products might be presented with the aid of Shannon Specialty Floors and its representatives and independent agents in Alaska, Ariz., Ark., Calif., Colo., Hawaii, Iowa, Kan., Idaho, Ill., Minn., Mo., Mont., Neb., Nev., N.M., N.D., Okla., Ore., S.D., Texas, Utah, Wash., Wis., And Wyo.

About NuFlors – NuFlors™ entered the flooring industry by sourcing PVC tiles for a major New England-based totally importer considering that 1990. As the industry developed, NuFlors’ recognition advanced into developing sophisticated technology to develop what is now known as Luxury Vinyl tiles (LVT) and commercial sheet vinyl (CSV). For over 10 years, NuFlors has been centered on supplying personally categorized merchandise to some of the most important flooring producer manufacturers inside the United States. NuFlors’ dedication to floors improvements led them to increase and release the leap forward, patent-pending SetaGrip™ Technology flooring device.

About Shannon Specialty Floors – Shannon Specialty Floors, Inc. It is a main producer and distributor of floors merchandise with sturdy attention on Healthcare, Senior Care Government, Corporate, Hospitality, Retail, and Education environments. Shannon Specialty Floors supplied products provide durability and present-day generation with a robust emphasis on no-wax no-buff business resilient floors, including heterogeneous and homogeneous sheet vinyl, tiles and planks, and non-vinyl floors. You can discover more data at

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