Orlando Bloom’s House Is Being Sold by the Cast of ‘Selling Sunset’

Please tell me you’ve seen the new Netflix show Selling Sunset. It’s basically HGTV meets The Real Housewives. It follows a luxury real estate company called the Oppenheim Group, which prides itself on selling the most mind-boggling homes on Sunset Strip—hence the show’s title. The group is run by founder Jason Oppenheim

and his twin brother and SVP Brett Oppenheim (basically, shorter versions of the Property Brothers). But the show’s heart is the real estate agents—a group of beautiful, mostly blonde women who sell $40 million homes for a living and still make time for catty office fights—especially when newcomers like Chrishell Hartley are brought into the group. This show is delightfully ridiculous.

Orlando Bloom's House Is Being Sold by the Cast of 'Selling Sunset' 1

The perfect binge-watch for anyone who loves House Hunters as much as they do The Hills. And if the show didn’t satisfy your nosiness enough: One of the agents, Mary Fitzgerald, posted on Instagram from inside Orlando Bloom’s home on Thursday. The corresponding listing for Bloom’s home is live on the Oppenheim Group’s website.

The house sits on what the Oppenheim group calls Billionaire’s Row. It has four bedrooms, four baths and is over 4,000 square feet. The home is perfect for people who love indoor-outdoor living concepts. Plus, that zero edge pool is to die for.

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