Policy closes, leaves at the back of trail of illegal colonies

The coverage launched using the Punjab Government for regularisation of illegal colonies, which expired on June 30, has glaringly did not gain the preferred goal if the scant quantity of applications received through the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) is any indication. According to GLADA Estate Officer Sonam Chaudhry, of 2,000-extraordinary identified unlawful colonies below the jurisdiction of GLADA, the simplest 450 developers had come ahead for regularisation of colonies whilst around 15,000 applications were obtained for compounding of plots/houses in unlicensed colonies. In different phrases, even by way of conservative estimates, extra than seventy-five according to cent developers of the illegal colonies chose no longer to avail of the possibility to get their colonies regularised.

Policy closes, leaves at the back of trail of illegal colonies 1

The motives for failure of the successive coverage having been delivered in the direction of this quit, earlier with the aid of the then SAD-BJP authorities and now using the Congress government, aren’t tough to apprehend going with the aid of what the country holders have to mention about the flaws inside the regularisation guidelines launched until now. The Punjab Colonisers and Property Dealers’ Association, which has already raised a demand for similar extension of the coverage in a reformed and simplified manner, keeps that selections taken at a assembly convened by using Suresh Kumar, Chief Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, in January this year, to speak about the needs made via stakeholders, had now not been conveyed to the regulatory our bodies, nor have been those completely carried out with the result that several proceeding builders couldn’t avail themselves of the coverage. According to GS Lamba, fashionable secretary of the Punjab Colonisers and Property Dealers Association, the waiver of charge interest deposited through the builders beneath preceding policies – even though well-known in principle by the authorities – became now not applied until now.

The government has been in addition asked to trouble directions to the development government no longer to lodge criminal cases underneath the PAPRA Act against developers of illegal colonies if they had made a hundred according to cent price of the compounding rate,” he delivered. The developers additionally demanded that colonies in which development works were to be done by using the regulatory authority or the one’s colonies where general plots had been bought be exempted from registration below the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) and for regularisation of plots and residences in unlicensed colonies the developers desired the receipt for a fee of composition charge to be considered as NOC.

The troubles that the developers need to be addressed earlier than any in addition extension of the coverage are parity between development charges stipulated for plots/properties placed in the city limits and outside, designating property officers as in a position authority for grant of NOCs to plots and properties in place of leader administrators, approval of building plans of sub-divided plots in the general vicinity of much less than 1,000 rectangular yards which become not blanketed under RERA and early charter of a nation property board.

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