Security Video Captures Lakeview Car Break-Ins

Chicago (CBS) — Lakeview locals said they’re uninterested after a rash of car damage-ins.
Security video shows at least one character breaking windows in a parking storage the morning in a row. Police stated someone broke into seven automobiles in a garage near Sheffield and Belmont, across from the Vic Theatre, sometime between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning. Security video confirmed a man breaking home windows in the storage around 2:30 a.m. Monday. When he performed, he walked down the stairs.

Security Video Captures Lakeview Car Break-Ins 1

Out the front door and onto Sheffield. Greg Klaus said he woke Monday to discover the harm. His vehicle is now in the store. Very irritating,” Klauss stated. “I desire to have a little more peace of thought that I am secure where I stay.

Klaus called the police Monday morning; however, the safety video showed the equal man returning Tuesday morning. The clip indicates him wrecking a car window and rummaging through earlier than walking out. “I keep in mind that. You can’t patrol everywhere all of the time,” Klaus stated. But a few extra presences in the region would be extraordinary.

Klaus stated he doesn’t preserve any valuables in the car, so the person best took a few bucks. Police said in some other storage that officers located a damaged window around four:30 a.m. Monday close to Addison and Halsted — less than a mile from Klaus’s parking spot.
“At this point, I am starting to marvel if it’s as safe a neighborhood as I idea it was,” Klaus said. Klaus said he used to park approximately a block away until his ultimate fall.

While a person stole all four tires off his car, I’m paying what I think is a superb deal of money to park here. I suppose it’s secure and cozy again. I am taking preventative measures to prevent something from happening again just a few months later.

I’m the, re, and it’s taking place all another time,” he stated. Klaus stated that part of the problem is that humans can walk inside and out of this garage anytime. CBS 2 reached out to the storage management to see if they’ll improve protection. CBS 2 also asked CPD if they will need growth patrols. We will replace this tale if we pay attention returned.

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