Slice of lifestyles: exploring current relationships through the medium of cake

Reflecting on contemporary relationships and their many, many paperwork for her Design Academy Eindhoven commencement venture, interdisciplinary dressmaker Orlando Lovell coined the term ‘polyreactive, which, in layman’s phrases, is basically polyamory, however with less kissing and more designing.

To constitute the idea, she enlisted 5 designers – Philippe Malouin, Matylda Krzykowski, Bertille Laguet, Koos Buster, and Anne Dessing – to create cake stands. The form and shape of every then influenced the five desserts she baked. For the icing on the cake, she requested Sarah Illenberger, Alice Wong, Marisa Miller, Arvid & Marie, and Giulia Soldati to create rituals for eating every one of the baked goods, resulting in a without a doubt collaborative undertaking with final results good sufficient to devour. § As at first featured within the November 2019 trouble of Wallpaper* (W*248) – on newsstands now

Slice of lifestyles: exploring current relationships through the medium of cake 1


All five examples could be on show this yr 1 day ago, from the 18th yr of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, from social layout to sustainable innovations.

Rive Roshan installation

Stilled Life by Rive Roshan

Known for its attention on experimental, speculative, and social layout, Dutch Design Week returns from 19 – 27 October with a unique urgency. This yr’s theme is ‘If no longer now, then whilst?’ and the initiatives share a focal point on revolutionary sustainable materials that can be scaled up, becoming a part of circular or low-waste systems. The display delves into new technology and concepts that can also assist make our lives less useful resource-in depth. Throughout the show-off, merchandise is constructed from agricultural and commercial through-products along with dung, nutshells, and bauxite function, and the brand new technology of merchandise made from bioplastics; however, there’s space for greater poetic installations too.

With 2, six hundred designers in attendance, 120 locations involved (consisting of an atmospheric renovated former Augustine monastery), 450 occasions and themes starting from artificial nature; bio-design and material innovations; circularity; healthful textiles; privateness and gender/identification at the program, the 2019 version of Dutch Design Week is set to be huge, exciting and really zeitgeisty. Here are five launches and shows not to overlook. Four designers from the Royal College of Art in London have transformed a commercial residue into practical tableware pieces and structural items that can be used for construction, including pipes.

Red Mud ( Red standing for ‘residue enabled layout’) is the derivative of refining bauxite ore into alumina. Its fiery color reflects the reality that its miles are composed frequently of iron oxide. Over 150 million tonnes of ‘pink dust’ are produced each yr and currently left unused in giant pits around the sector. Joris Olde Rikkert, Guillermo Whittembury, Kevin Rouff, and Luis Paco Bockelmann labored with KU Leuven and Imperial College London to discover the potential of the fabric each as a ceramic and as a building material and evolved their personal clay bodies, slips, glazes, and concretes.

Rethinking Plastic

Recycled plastic products

‘Rethinking Plastic, design with a project is an exhibition to show 25 projects and products via designers around the arena who are approaching the plastic disaster as an interesting and important layout task and eager to create a greater round way of existence. From egg cups fabricated from vintage waste eggshells to razors made of lemon peel and bio-resins and plates made from corn, ‘Rethinking Plastic’ will awareness on alternatives to plastic and showcase the contemporary trends in bioplastics.

Alissa + Nienke

Woven fabric in purple

A+N is a cloth research and design studio based in 2013 by Alissa van Asseldonk and Nienke Bongers. At DDW, they present their take on the destiny of window coverings to feature an eye-catching blend of craft and high-tech answers, including responsive woven window coverings that open and near based at the light of the sun. The pair may also show the final results of a 3-d weaving research challenge into the usage of woven textiles for huge-scale indoor programs.

Stilled Life through Rive Roshan

Experimental design studio Rive Roshan will create an immersive enjoy for Dutch Design Week, a poetic space where the sound of silence might be captured and ‘the splendor of a fleeting moment.’ This modern-day Zen-like garden setup will provide characteristic water, glass, sand, and sculptures through which the traveler can stroll and revel in a moment of reflection and tranquillity. The studio labored with German begin-up Sandhelden to make collectible stools, chairs, and vases out of three-D-published sand and Moooi Carpets to make water-patterned and geometric rugs.

Studio Drift

Flylight by way of Studio Drift

DDW19 Ambassadors Studio Drift will show an interactive light installation inspired by the behavior of birds’ flocks and the patterns they make in the air. Flylight will take pleasure in the vicinity of a brand new venue for Dutch Design Week – Domusdela – a former monastery transformed right into a vibrant cultural complex. Over at the van Abbemuseum, the artist duo may be displaying a brand new venture in its ‘Materialism’ series. ‘Materialism – The bag mission’ may be an evolving and haunting sculptural installation manufactured from blocks of extruded plastic bags to carry to life the number of resources that pass into the goods we use every day. §

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