Tips for cleaning your mixer grinder jar efficiently

When you buy a mixer online, your main aim is to prevent creating a mess. However, when you regularly use the mixer grinder jars, it eventually becomes prone to many blemishes.

Mixers are one of the essential parts of every Indian household, and they are trendy, especially when cleaning them. Many people consider it to be a challenge to clean the mixer grinders. However, you may come across various tips that will allow you to clean the mixie properly.

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Remove the unwanted smell and stains.

One of the best ways to clean your mixer is to eliminate the smell and strong stains. When you use your mixie, the residue will likely stay in it. Sometimes, getting rid of these can be extremely tough, and the residues will leave behind the scent, eventually affecting the entire kitchen.

The residue smell can be annoying. Moreover, it can also attract a lot of fleas, which will be highly unhygienic. It will leave behind a bad smell. You need to follow proper cleaning tips. You will feel efficient cooking when your kitchen appliances are in good condition.

How to clean the mixer grinder?

There are several ways through which you can clean a mixer grinder. You may want to get dishwashers and more. However, it is doubtful that you can get rid of the smell and follow various home remedies to get rid of it.

Use vinegar

Vinegar is a powerful ingredient that keeps the smell and stains away. Furthermore, it is also famous for removing the paint and bringing back the shine. The combination of vinegar and water will help to get the best cleaner.

If your mixer is dirty beyond measure, pour a few drops of cleaner into it. However, do not wash it right away. It would help if you considered letting the mixer run for some time, allowing it to absorb the stains. If you follow this process regularly, the colors will go away quickly.

Baking Powder

One of the kitchen’s most versatile ingredients is baking powder. From cooking to cleaning, you can use baking powder in different regions, proving efficient.

However, it would help to prepare a thick paste with baking powder. The smell will instantly disappear if you leave the mixture in your mixie. No wonder baking powder works like magic to remove stains.

Lemon peels can be beneficial.

If you have been throwing away the lemon peels, something is wrong. A lemon peel mixture can be one of the best things to eliminate unwanted stains. Once you use this mixture, the colors disappear even before you know it.

If you have kitchen appliances in your house, they are bound to get dirty, but it is necessary to adopt suitable measures for cleaning them from time to time. Crompton has some of the best home appliances as it promises style, durability, and quality.

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