Victorian Plumbing faces a drip, drip of complaints

We bought bath and basin taps from Victorian Plumbing with a ten-year guarantee. Unfortunately, both commenced drip, and our plumber says the faucets are fused inner, possibly with limescale – meaning the entire tap wishes to be replaced. Each time I write to Victorian Plumbing, it says it has despatched substitute cartridges [the inside section of the tap]. Each time I inform it, the complete faucet needs to be replaced.

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In the identical week this arrived, some other reader wrote that Victorian Plumbing had no longer honored the ten-yr assure on her shower. It told her the cartridges only came with a one-year guarantee. The corporation says it became tough to put this properly for both readers and might send out substitute gadgets. Still, it provides: “Parts situation to ordinary wear and tear, like replaceable cartridges, aren’t part of the ten-yr assure. Similarly, merchandise which has suffered limescale damage isn’t protected, as the fault is from outside supply and isn’t a product problem.” It says it’s far now looking at how its guarantee records can make clearer what isn’t covered. We welcome letters but cannot find a solution in my view. Please email us at patron.Champions@theguardian.Com or write to Consumer Champions, Money, the Guardian, ninety York Way, London N1 9GU.

Victorian Plumbing faces a drip, drip of complaints 1

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