What I Rent: Harriet and Hannah, £850 each a month to proportion a three-bedroom flat in St Paul’s

House sharing is an important part of being a millennial residing in London.
If you pick to live inside the metropolis and don’t happen to have wildly rich parents, you’ll need to shack up with a few pals (or strangers) to afford an area to live. The intricate bit is knowing whether you’re getting a bargain or being vastly ripped off.

What I Rent: Harriet and Hannah, £850 each a month to proportion a three-bedroom flat in St Paul’s 1

It doesn’t help when you speak to people outside of London who criticize you for chucking your cash away when you may be living somewhere else for a 3rd of the value.
To get extra clarity on renting in London without the judgmental ‘pass North’ line, we released What I Rent, a series that takes you within the rented belongings of a one-of-a-kind character every week. This week, we’re chatting to Harriet and Hannah, each 23, who proportion a 3-bed room flat in St. Paul’s with other housemates, Jack, 23, and Joe, 24.


Hey Harriet! How an awful lot do you pay to stay right here?

  • I pay £850 consistent with the month and about £50 monthly in payments.
  • And what do you get for what you pay?
  • There are three bedrooms, one master lavatory, one en-suite, a residing room, a kitchen, and a dining location.

How did you end up living right here?

We all went to Loughborough University together. We went through months of full-size looking – however, it changed into all worth it.

Are you glad where you live?

Yes, very! The first-class element is probably the place – it’s so lovely that we can all walk to work! The flat may be spacious, especially for primary London, and has a lovable new kitchen. We have an adorable courtyard out the lower back of the property, making it very quiet for imperative London.

Do you feel like you’ve got sufficient space?

  • The bedrooms are honestly desirable sizes and all very equal.
  • The flat looks superb, even though four folks are in a three-bed. The en-suite helps to reduce fights for the toilet inside the morning.
  • How have you ever made your vicinity feel like home?
  • We love the communal vicinity – we’ve tried to make it sense homely with plant life, books, and candles.
  • We all love cooking, so the bookshelf is a large characteristic – with all the cookbooks.
  • We also love website hosting human beings, so we enjoy having a big eating location and ensuring the bar is constantly completely stocked… We are now unbeaten at Prosecco Pong.
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