What vegetable gardening taught me this 12 months

We’ve reached that point within the season — the point where we bid goodnight to our lawn beds and mirror on the season beyond. We make mental notes now not to copy the errors we made this yr. And we begrudgingly pull those vegetation we cautiously tended in order that the soil can rest before subsequent developing season.

Or, as a minimum, it’s a begrudging action for me. Sometimes, it seems like I am giving up at the plants, whilst they’ve became brown and wilted.

This season turned into all about planning for winter. Beans and peas and corn went into the freezer along with tomato sauces and cakes. There are carrots ready to be roasted and frozen nevertheless. Some onions that need to be picked and stored. And perhaps a few herbs to procedure and freeze.

This became the year my children and I determined to go massive with our developing season. We rented four lawn beds from the Bangor Parks and Recreation branch and spent many an evening weeding, harvesting and more. All that we’ve stored for wintry weather is the literal fruit of our labor.

Overall, it became a success task. But I additionally learned lots alongside the manner that will help us have an even extra a hit developing season subsequent year.
Pay nearer attention to variety

To say I became psyched to order seeds is a sarcasm. I trolled the Fedco internet site for weeks, including and removing matters from my order till I eventually submitted it in early February. (Note: one issue I love approximately the Fedco web site is that your order remains therefrom go to visit making this type of deliberation a cinch.)

Still, notwithstanding my pleasure and what sort of time I spend deciding what to reserve, I didn’t do an extremely good task ordering a variety. My youngsters pointed it out as quickly because the packets arrived.

There have been four varieties of beans and four kinds of cucumbers. But I hadn’t ordered any herbs, squash or veggies. We had forms of peppers, however no plans to develop seedlings. And what approximately tomatoes?

Next yr, I’ll loop my children in advance with the making plans. We’ll stick with just one form of string beans together with peas. Perhaps I will do a little sugar snap peas too. We’ll simplest order the cucumbers we’re going to start indoors. And maybe we’ll upload a few new vegetables to the combination like summer squash, carnival squash, spinach And we’ll don’t forget adding some styles of veggies we didn’t grow this year.

And, importantly, I’ll be sure to plant some more ingredients that we are able to eat within the second. Our gardens have been having on the veggies to store and mild on the ones to eat at once.
Pay closer attention to growing times

On a similar word, having a spread of foods to harvest and devour for the duration of the season is important — however not what I had this yr.

When I become selecting which seeds to order, I centered first on the kind and 2d on the description. I didn’t be aware of the length of time it’d take for the seeds to mature to reap. As an end result, we ended up with numerous flowers that took three months or extra to mature. When there are faster-growing sorts to be had, possibly it’s higher to do not forget the ones?

Next time, we’ll be listening to the ones envisioned developing times. It doesn’t imply we won’t get plants that take a while to mature however it does imply that we are able to try to order a few that mature faster to make sure we’ve got an extra solid waft of harvests through the season.
Ask myself: What do I actually need to do with this?

Another oops moment from my ordering: We planted cabbage trying to keep it for wintry weather. Unfortunately, it changed into July earlier than I noticed that my slow-growing cabbage had a bit word indicating that it wasn’t a garage range. Ooops. Couple that with the insects that ruined it and … nicely, it wasn’t the high-quality seed preference.

Moreover, I am not sure we actually need a complete crop of cabbage. So possibly that’s a vegetable to buy in place of develop? Perhaps we’ll try Brussels sprouts subsequent 12 months, which I grew years ago in Connecticut. Or perhaps we’ll do several sorts of veggies.
Have extra staying power

This might be the most important lesson from this 12 months. I turned into overzealous and insisted we get the seeds in the floor on Mother’s Day. It turned into literally all I desired to do that day.

But it changed into a bit too quickly (and no longer for the purpose you’re likely thinking). The ultimate frost hadn’t occurred yet, but the seeds were younger sufficient that they were technically ok while it did. However, in my rush to plant, I didn’t look forward to the once a year compost delivery to the community garden. And planting before the soil can be blended up in all its nutrient-stuffed glory become a mistake. Our plants did well, however I recognize they would have done better if I’d waited.

Next year, I may have a little greater staying power.
Giving and trading is a brilliant element

I don’t understand why this in no way passed off to me before however the high-quality issue approximately growing inside the community lawn is that there are lots of humans to give to or exchange with. So whilst my wax beans had been growing like crazy, it turned into a no-brainer to offer them to Byron Hale, the master gardener there who happens to love them. And even though I didn’t count on whatever in go back, he gave me a stunning head of lettuce that become exactly what I wanted.

Next year, I need to do a better activity of giving and buying and selling — with a lot growing, it’s a clean manner to ensure that everything we do develop receives used properly.
It’s k to alternate methods

Years in the past, I could jar after jar of dill pickles and my son devoured them up all. But I can’t don’t forget what recipe I used or where I discovered it. As an end result, I haven’t been capable of replica my former achievement. Nope, never.

Last 12 months, I canned several batches of dill pickles. Despite attempting several recipes, none of them met muster. This year I meant to strive once more … but the greater I idea approximately it, the much less I desired to do it. Instead, I made 1/2-bitter pickles (my favored) inside the fridge (half of-sours are fermented and can’t be canned). They were splendid. Next, I made fridge bread and butter pickles for my daughter. Another triumph! And eventually, I did a small batch of refrigerated dill pickles for my son. They had been accurate — although now not quite what I hoped for.

Next year I will strive again. But, importantly, I will also forgive myself if I don’t feel like canning pickles or attempting once more on something that hasn’t been running. There are so many ways to make things. Why not test with less taxing ones?

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