Home Selling Property Why this Brit is promoting off his idyllic Italian home in a gamble

Why this Brit is promoting off his idyllic Italian home in a gamble

Why this Brit is promoting off his idyllic Italian home in a gamble

Owning a domestic in rural Italy is as romantic as it sounds. Wake up to sunshine nine months a year, see rolling green hills above beautiful, undisturbed meadows. Shop for sparkling meals every day in open-air markets and stroll alongside millennium-old, cobblestone roads intended handiest for foot traffic.
Yes, buying a house in Italy is the stuff of dreams. But attempt promoting one.
In the last few years, that has ended up a nightmare. Italy is one of the few international locations in Europe wherein property charges are taking place. According to Istat, Italy’s national information institute, final year Italy’s property expenses dropped zero.8 percentage, the most in Europe next to Sweden’s 2.1.

Jamie Abbott, originally from Colchester in the UK, is raffling off his 3-tale residence in a village in rural Abruzzo, maybe the maximum underrated, prettiest, unspoiled vicinity in Italy. He is selling raffle tickets for £50 (approximately €59) and could maintain the attract October.
A long shot? Maybe, but how frequently can one purchase a €250,000 house – his asking charge before the raffle – for €59?


Like such a lot of house owners in Italy, Abbott has come to be a sufferer of the housing crash. Somewhere among the time author Frances Mayes made a residence in Italy hot belongings with Under the Tuscan Sun in 1996 to Italy’s modern-day recession, a house in Italy went from cool to cold.
“The assets marketplace is so awful that even for a splendid house like [this]…” Abbott said using phone this week.
“People loved the house due to the fact on this specific vicinity it’s almost impossible to find a detached residence with a garden near the ancient centre of the village. So it changed into getting some interest, however people just weren’t going any further than that.”

The residence is a hundred and twenty rectangular metres with three bedrooms and two toilets. It features curved brick and stone ceilings and vines stretching over the door frames. It has tremendous perspectives of the surrounding nation-state, situated close to the southern Gran Sasso mountains and just under eight,four-hundred-foot Monte Prena.
It’s positioned at 850 metres within the village of Carapelle Calvisio, just 18 miles from the Abruzzo capital of L’Aquila on the edge of the Gran Sasso National Park. With most effective ninety population, Carapelle Calvisio wears the crown because of the smallest town in Abruzzo. The former Roman village is known for its truffles and is so picturesque it changed into used as the placing for Ladyhawke, a 1985 medieval fantasy movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Broderick.
Abbott and his spouse Lea went all out to make this raffle happen. He hired a specialist to put together a website and is spreading the word via strategically leaking exposure on Facebook organization pages and journey web sites. They have a Facebook web page and Instagram account.