Work From Home! Authenticook helps housewives earn Rs 16,000-to-Rs 20,000 a month

Startups have won momentum in almost every field, from availing loans to ordering food online or maybe hailing a cab. Startups are also developing more possibilities for employment across India. Just like Authenticook! This startup has forayed into the work-at-home business. However, it is meant for chefs, especially homemakers. Homemakers can sign up on the Authenticook internet site and then prepare dinner meals for tourists or citizens searching for self-made meals. By doing so, homemakers generate earnings for themselves. Interestingly, a homemaker can generate profits not only for herself but also for her own family.

One of the principal boosts this enterprise offers is that if a citizen has shifted from local domestic to another location, they can enjoy their homemade delicious meals because the network is sizable. In an exclusive interview with Zee Business Online, Ameya Deshpande, Co-founder of Authenticook, said that the nearby domestic dining experiences area is poised for an excellent boom in India beforehand. Not only that, it’ll be a major improvement to the tourism quarter as well.

Work From Home! Authenticook helps housewives earn Rs 16,000-to-Rs 20,000 a month 1

1. Amid food transport soaring to new heights and changing everyday dining, how does the authentic look make a difference?

What differentiates us is our recognition of particular, wholesome, and domestic-made meals that we make available by starting up home kitchens in India. This is a widespread variant from the commercially prepared standardized cuisines, which can be present to be had a dime a dozen. At Authenticook, we want people to enjoy India’s meal diversity through its regional cuisines that are simplest organized and available in the houses of humans. In addition, we want to result in an extensive high-quality social effect by empowering ladies homemakers by imparting them a road to take their first steps to set up their micro-entrepreneurial ventures via meals. We accept as true that through Authenticook, we create more than one avenue for locals to generate earnings and, at the same time, sell India as an international culinary hub, something we have still not accomplished despite having the most culinary history in the world.

2. Can you explain for

How does Authenticook facilitate both housewives, vacationers, and other citizens? Home cooks (homemakers): Authenticook isn’t the handiest road for homemakers to generate a change source of profits and a method of increasing their social horizons. We keep in mind our domestic chefs as ambassadors in their local cuisines. By hosting food with Authenticook, our home chefs engage with foodies and share their food testimonies. Additionally, Authenticook has collaborated with meal manufacturers in various partnerships, from occasions to recipe video series. Our domestic cooks have been part of these partnerships and features, thereby having a larger platform to exhibit their cooking abilities.

Tourists: India is visited by most people for its wealthy culture, historical past, and variety.

And the great manner to revel in this diversity is by interacting with a nearby family over a delicious home-cooked meal. Thus, an authentic look is a secure and at ease platform for tourists to find local and immersive food experiences across India (we are present in 35 towns of India). This is particularly essential given that nine out of each ten tourists have participated in a few forms of nearby meals. Still, with Indiaboutof, these stories are the project as per the remarks received from tourists.

An Authenticook revel has been rated as a highlight of their India tour. Authentic look experiences now not only help Tourists understand India better but additionally allow the creation of the proper notion of India in the minds of vacationers. Indians dwelling in massive city towns: Large urban cities are a melting pot of cultures, with human beings from throughout the United States of America and the arena coming and dwelling collectively. The authentic look allows humans to enjoy domestic-made, healthy actual cuisines from throughout India. Through Authenticook, we hope to enable human beings to accept and respect the variety among us all.

3. How is Authenticook targeting customers and homemakers?

What is the medium used.?  Given the personalized nature of our commercial enterprise version, phrase of mouth works nicely for us. Additionally, we are very active in social media structures like Facebook and Instagram. Also, we have been blanketed by using numerous national and nearby press regularly.

4. How has Authenticook helped homemakers in producing income?

A few figures to what are minimum and maximum earning tiers.? Our domestic cooks earn cash whenever they host a guest for an Authenticook experience. These expenses vary on average from Rs. 500 according to man or woman to Rs. 1,500 per character. If domestic chefs host four visitors per meal and do a meal as soon as a week, they stand to earn around Rs. 16,000-20,000 according to month (assuming their fees of Rs. 1,000 in keeping with the character). At the higher end, we have had home cooks around Rs. 3 lakhs a year, hosting meals with Authenticook.

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