You Can Book Bob Ross Painting Workshops Through Airbnb

Airbnb is not only for finding a place to live when you’re on vacation. The online marketplace additionally gives what it calls Airbnb Experiences, like cooking instructions, photo shoots, and walking excursions hosted by locals. Starting April 4, Airbnb Experiences now encompass Bob Ross, who portrays lessons led via artists in all different world components.

If you’ve graduated from painting along with The Joy of Painting videos, you could channel your inner Bob Ross and attend a live class inspired by the art trainer and television character. Each Bob Ross portray workshop available through Airbnb is led by a CRI or Certified Ross Instructor. To become Bob Ross-licensed, artwork instructors must get three weeks of extreme education on Ross’s “wet-on-moist” painting approach. The actual training is taught solely with Bob Ross paints and brushes.

You Can Book Bob Ross Painting Workshops Through Airbnb 1

Instructors around the sector are licensed to create pleasant ha, happy little accidents. Classes are currently in Havana, Cuba; Florence, Italy; Charleston, South Carolina; Seoul, South Korea; and greater locations, with maximum courses costing between $20 and $eighty in keeping with men or women.

The painting lessons are a perfect way to kick back out for your next holiday. However, it would help if you did not stay in an Airbnb apartment to join up—you may as effortlessly take one in your house city.

Book yours on Airbnb.

If you have not experienced leaving the house to learn how to paint like Bob Ross, do not worry: You can watch the primary ten seasons of The Joy of Painting without cost on YouTube.

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