Brownstone Boys Reno: Adding a New Bathroom Where No Plumbing Has Gone Before

We’re adding a new toilet where there was no longer simplest previously now not one, but there may be additionally no plumbing in that vicinity of the construction. There are some exciting, demanding situations to clear up to make this feasible. Doing it in a extra than one hundred yr vintage building handiest adds to the challenge.

We have the traditional small bedroom that is over the entry vestibule and foyer of quite lots of all Brooklyn row homes. The dimensions of the room are 10 via 5 ft. So it‘s handiest large enough to be an office or nursery. It can’t be absolutely characteristic as a valid bedroom. The interior wall is structural, so it’s tough to enlarge it to the room around the corner without loads of paintings. For us, the plain desire is to make it into a restroom.

Brownstone Boys Reno: Adding a New Bathroom Where No Plumbing Has Gone Before 1

The first and largest assignment is just getting the plumbing to the area. The most effective way to do it’s far to run a water and sewage stack up to three floors from the basement. Fortunately, our main sewer line runs alongside this aspect of the construction, so we just had to move instantly up. The handiest unlucky part is that we’ll want to build a small container in the nook of the foyer, and it needs to go directly thru our loved unique plaster moldings.

BUT…we do have an excellent plaster restorer who will wrap the container with equal moldings to make it appear as it belongs there. At least as lots as viable. The subsequent venture getting the plumbing into the floor of the room. It wishes to go over numerous joists. In the kitchen, we’re constructing a soffit to accommodate the plumbing for our grasp bath. We’re giving our shelves a integrated look, so we have been already constructing a soffit. We honestly don’t need a soffit in our lobby proper over the entry, further destroying the moldings, so we need any other solution.

Our architect recommended notching the tops of the joists just enough to run the plumbing. He gave us strict instructions on how much they could be notched to compromise their integrity. We assume it’s a great option to streamline the plumbing layout and not upload any unattractive functions to the place. Just jogging water and sewage to the room isn’t sufficient! Every drain wishes to be vented as properly.

Eddie Bowers
Eddie Bowers
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