Compare the divorce statements of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos

Today Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos formally divorced and issued statements on the dissolution of their marriage through Twitter. Both had been extraordinarily civilized and well-mannered. However, there were a few brilliant differences among their styles. MacKenzie Bezos is a novelist. Her assertion mirrors the style of her books: Restrained. Distant. Preoccupied with the way of information. As if she’s in hiding. This is a author who shirks fictional characters who might seem to resemble her. Her first novel.

Compare the divorce statements of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos 1

The Testing of Luther Albright, posted in 2005, is a workmanly story approximately domestic improvement and a circle of relatives told via a male engineer protagonist, for example. Reading it, you might get the impact that she didn’t want to show herself, that she studiously avoided any possible confusion among herself and the man or woman. Similarly, she in no way says “I” inside the summing up of her union even though arguably each sentence could have commenced with one. More proof that MacKenzie isn’t interested in revealing plenty approximately herself is the reality that this assertion is her first and most effective tweet.

The now 25th-richest man or woman inside the international simply joined Twitter these days to mention that she’s “glad” to be giving her ex-husband all of her hobbies in the Washington Post and Blue Origin, and 75% in their Amazon stock, plus balloting manage of her closing stocks. She is likewise “excited” approximately her personal plans. Still, She doesn’t wager on understanding what they’re because MacKenzie Bezos is a reticent woman (Quartz currently contacted her literary agent and become advised that the author isn’t giving interviews).
Jeff, on the other hand, starts offevolved his declaration with himself, pronouncing.

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