Construction delays on Homosassa bridge preserve to frustrate agencies and citizens

HOMOSASSA, Fla. — Residents and businesses alongside a Citrus County coastline are bored to death with the seemingly countless production undertaking on a Homosassa bridge.
A slender, crooked path across the Halls River is the handiest manner inside and outside the Homosassa network.

The bridge remains underneath creation a year and a 1/2 after it turned into imagined to be finished. The modern-day headlines from Citrus County. The manner they made the middle line, it’s tough sufficient to hold it between the strains in a ordinary automobile as opposed to pulling a ship,” stated Douglas Morse, General Manager of

Construction delays on Homosassa bridge preserve to frustrate agencies and citizens 1

Riverhaven Marina

Morse says the bridge production has appreciably affected his business. I even have many, many customers call and say, I’m not going to deliver my boat. I don’t feel relaxed going over that bridge,” stated Morse. The 60-12 months-old bridge is being widened and changed with a rust-resistant cloth. FDOT uses a supply to pay the contractor, Astaldi Construction Corporation, $7.5 million to complete the undertaking that was supposed to be completed in October of 2017.

That date got here and went due to many issues keeping up construction, consisting of the mattress rock being tougher than predicted. And on every occasion a manatee swims through, construction has to be halted for 30 minutes. Another postpone became triggered while a included osprey constructed a nest in one of the cranes, preventing its use for months.
Weather delays also held up paintings at the bridge.

The undertaking is expected to be finished this June — two and a half years after it become started. We reached out to FDOT to verify whether or not to appear, however, and they may be looking to get greater data approximately the contractor.
Businesses say they need it completed by way of their busiest time of yr.

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