Creatives! MINI want you to create an insane outside layout at Body & Soul

So, 2019 marks two VERY critical milestones.

This year, MINI is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Our favorite little vehicle with hundreds of power and individuals has made for the perfect pocket rocket given that 1959. To mark the occasion in the best manner possible and portray the MINI brand for all its glory, they have teamed up with Body & Soul Music and Arts Festival (in its 10th year!) to move it all out.

MINI and Body & Soul are trying to find an innovative who can position their competencies to paintings. They want to collaborate with YOU and develop the most tremendous, creative, appropriate-vibe MINI set-up areas in the woods of Ballinlough itself.

Creatives! MINI want you to create an insane outside layout at Body & Soul 1

The artist chosen will get hold of a €10,000 layout bursary to construct the new setup at Body & Soul, plus weekend tickets to Body & Soul for them AND their group!
They’ll be looking for the area to apply space creatively (the theme being: Creative Use of Space) and become a focus, both day and night, for photographs, talks, and discussions among pageant-goers.

The complete concept is to have everybody’s eyes drawn to the layout, have them intrigued by the architecturally captivating 360-degree piece, take cues from the brand’s history and history, plus encapsulate the MINI emblem while blending harmoniously with Body & Soul’s 2019 subject matter – ‘Ritual.

Submissions may be assessed with representatives from MINI, Body & Soul’s Head of Design, Mary Pike, and Nathalie Weadick, Director of the Irish Architecture Foundation. Define what you have in mind, make certain to shape an expansion of approaches, and demonstrate how you’ve considered the appearance and use of the space.

The triumphing applicant could have help and information from Body & Soul’s Head of Design. They will liaise directly with you to ensure the maximum professional and fantastic execution of the prevailing submission.

Eddie Bowers
Eddie Bowers
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