Honkarakenne to present a totally available domestic at Tuusula Housing Fair 2020

Honkarakenne to provide a fully handy domestic at Tuusula Housing Fair 2020

PRESS RELEASE four April 2019 at 9.00

Honkarakenne will assemble a totally reachable home for Mikael Turtiainen, who suffers from extreme incapacity because of his injury in a tram accident in 2008. Honkarakenne may even construct a domestic at the same lot for Mikael’s non-public assistant Sanni and her partner. The homes may be supplied to the general public at Tuusula Housing Fair 2020, and their progress may be accompanied within the blog VillaMikaelVillaSanni.Com.

Honkarakenne to present a totally available domestic at Tuusula Housing Fair 2020 1

Design of the houses and outdoor areas takes under consideration the shared lives of the two households and gives views of the surrounding nature. Clean get right of entry to among the home, rehabilitation studio, and sauna facilities. The aim is to assemble an environmentally pleasant and wholesome domestic that lends itself to communal dwelling and considers accessibility, aesthetics, and clever solutions that assist in everyday tasks. General and architectural layout are supplied with the aid of Arkkitehdit Mustonen Oy, and out of doors layout by using Arkkitehdit Mustonen Oy and Mikael Turtiainen.

In Villa Mikael, all indoors and outdoor areas are situated on the unmarried ground without door sills or ramps. The home is prepared with several capabilities designed to simplify everyday responsibilities, consisting of electric indoor doors, far-off-managed window blinds, and an automatic, microchip-managed canine door to allow free get right of entry to outside. All technological solutions may be controlled utilizing a unmarried telephone or pill.

Similar design standards are applied in Villa Sanni for a younger family with a restrained price range for constructing their small and compact dream domestic. The homes will be constructed by using Honkarakenne, the usage of its new Honka Frame era. Home construction based totally on the timber frame era is a new addition within the Honka portfolio, but the method has long roots in Central Europe and the US.

The houses’ load-bearing frames are created from pre-reduced stable timber beams, which are blended with traditional wood joints. The sturdy and bearing Honka Frame permits for large glass home windows and open spaces without partition walls. The houses use timber fiber insulation, and their interior layout favors wood materials.

The Tuusula homes will be heated via a water-air warmness pump and solar power. Ventilation within the houses could be natural ventilation. Full accessibility appears to be a brand new idea in indifferent house production. We wanted a home this is available, healthy, and aesthetically lovely and uses each traditional, tested technique and the latest technological innovation. We are delighted to have had Honkarakenne actively worried within the improvement manner,” thank you, Mikael’s father, Petri Turtiainen.

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