Crane Demolition Scheduled for Sunday, Evacuation and Exclusion Zones Expanded

In order to mitigate similarly harm from the partial collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel constructing, the 2 cranes last on the construction web site will be delivered down in a managed style. Expert engineers have evolved a plan to behavior a managed disintegrate of the cranes in order to bring them down in the area. The cranes will be demolished Sunday, Oct. 20.

Evacuation and Exclusion Zones

Temporary evacuation and exclusion zones will be installed region Sunday morning to defend citizens from the consequences of the crane demolition. The public is asked to heed the warning of the New Orleans Fire Department and New Orleans Police Department, who may be going door-to-door inside the location starting Saturday afternoon to tell affected citizens and companies.


All people inside the Temporary Evacuation Area should evacuate.



All individuals inside the Temporary Exclusion Zone should stay interior. No automobiles or pedestrians might be allowed on the street or outside of systems, including on rooftops.


No vehicle traffic allowed to go into.

The City anticipates the brief evacuation and brief exclusion orders to be in location starting someday Sunday morning and lasting for some hours. The City will talk to the general public when it’s miles secure to go back. All people in the affected location need to textual content HARDROCK to 888777 to acquire those notifications.

The City will provide a transient relocation middle on the Treme Recreation Center, 900 N. Villere St., for evacuated those who require a place to move in the course of the brief evacuation order.

What to Expect During Demolition

In coaching for the managed demolition of the cranes, the New Orleans Fire Department is requesting services to be close off in the current evacuation zone. That consists of strength, fuel, water, and sewer. Services will be re-connected as soon as it’s far safe to achieve this. We thank residents and agencies for their endured staying power with those vital protection precautions.


The public must anticipate the sound of the explosives detonation to be very loud, just like the sound of fireworks. The exclusion sector is in the area to protect people from damaging noise. All individuals within the exclusion sector ought to stay indoors once the order is in the region and till the “all clean” is given. Workers and primary responders who’re out of doors may be wearing ear protection. There is a small possibility that windows and different glass inside the on the spot area of the crane demolition β€” within the evacuation sector β€” will break.


The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality can be tracking air first-class. The crane demolition might also create dirt. If you have got respiratory troubles and stay close to the Temporary Exclusion Area, keep in mind wearing protective mask and sealing your doorways and windows. You can also reduce dirt inside of your private home by way of turning off your A/C until the dirt settles. Anyone exposed to dirt from the Hard Rock Hotel disintegrate should reveal their respiratory and fitness. Signs of respiration problems from dirt are sneezing, coughing and eye inflammation. Please stay secure internal and concentrate on all warnings to live far away from the evacuated place.

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