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Passionate Interior Designer Mompreneur: Payal Shah

Passionate Interior Designer Mompreneur: Payal Shah

I am a surprisingly creative and multi-talented Designer with tremendous enjoy in remodel & remodeling. I also am pretty skilled in client and supplier relations & negotiations. With those abilities, I co-founded Ambiance Design & Staging almost a decade lower back.

I graduated with a specialization in Interior and Graphics Design. With my sturdy creativity and thirteen+ years of experience, I help customers’ dreams come true of a beautiful and purposeful home!
I actually have wealthy experience in making plans, design and buildings of diverse renovations as I even have led more than one preservation initiatives from idea to crowning glory.

I constantly desired to make a career in the area of Interior Design. After my preliminary education in Electronics Science, I switched and went into an Interior Design school once I came to US. I finished an Interior Design Degree in 2004.
After 5 years, I launched Ambiance Design & Staging in 2009 in conjunction with my commercial enterprise associate Ira Rajput (Who is also receiving the Mompruneur award together with me).

Together, we started with just a home workplace. Today we have a warehouse of over 6000 sq.Ft. With staging fixtures and accessories good enough for 50+ homes. With those resources and a sturdy group of 15 employees, over ninety% of them are operating mothers, we have consistently grown our commercial enterprise every 12 months with report sales of $1M+ in 2018.