Robert Martinez on Why Size Matters in Real Estate

In this Member Showcase series, we post interviews with participants of The Oracles. This interview is with Robert Martinez, founder and CEO of Rockstar Capital, an actual property funding firm in Houston, Texas. It changed into condensed by using The Oracles.

Who are you?

Robert Martinez: I am an investor in multifamily actual estate and the founder and CEO of Rockstar Capital. We have $285 million in belongings below control and $ seventy-one million in investor capital — and we’re nonetheless developing. At first, real estate was a way to generate passive earnings when I worked in oil and gas income. Eventually, I became right into a full-time profession I love. We own more than 3,200 gadgets today, and I’m documenting my adventure of obtaining 10,000 devices on YouTube and social media channels.

What are you more skilled at than the general public in the world?

Robert Martinez: I’m skilled at group constructing and have exquisite empathy. You meet many people in existence who are talented, and they may win within a short period. But folks who succeed are those with coronary hearts, empathy for those around them, and a sturdy painting ethic. Most importantly, they raise those around them and lift them so they may be a hit, too.

I trust that one’s traits beat talent any day of the week. I ensure my crew embodies that in the entirety they do. What excites you the most about your commercial enterprise right now? Robert Martinez: The unknown. We are beginning to locate momentum, and the possibilities are unreal. The goals we are putting now feel so far away at one factor, but I accept it as true that we can acquire the impossible. There’s a long way to go; however, chasing those goals and exploring the possibilities excites me.

What’s your favorite quote?

Robert Martinez: “If you don’t like your scenario, do something positive about it and pick happiness.” I am in control of my state of affairs and my choices. If something sudden happens that I’m not prepared for, I can pick out how I react and make the first Class of that situation. Much of our lifestyles are primarily based on our reactions to our problems. I choose to lead with optimism and positivity constantly. Life’s too short for negativity.

What was your largest, most painful failure?

Robert Martinez: When I entered the Class A multifamily real property marketplace, I purchased small assets with fifty-one devices instead of going all-in on a property with 100 to three hundred gadgets. I quickly discovered that size subjects in real estate. With the handiest 51 gadgets, I had limited condominium earnings, so I couldn’t afford satisfactory skills or a ton of advertising and marketing. My competition had two hundred to 500 devices simultaneously, with extra payments at their disposal. We were vying for the same renter, particularly when fewer were inside the marketplace.

Promoting the belongings later became hard because investors knew the lesson I had discovered robustly. We tailored and made the quality of the state of affairs. I found that it’s essential to have a facet over your competitors. (For us, that’s popularity control and social media.) When the economy collapses, you want on the way to navigate the stormy waters. We survived the 2008 financial crisis and Hurricane Harvey, and I understand we can strengthen through greater tough times and pop out strong.

How do you outline first-rate management?

Robert Martinez: Great leaders consider that even though they have an essential role to play, they may no longer be better than everyone else. They apprehend the duties that include leading a crew. Great leaders also lead by instance and talk about their requirements. You must have a robust painting ethic and work at least as hard as your crew. I don’t expect them to work as hard as I do. However, my team is privy to their benchmarks.

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