The Best Types of Artificial Turf for Your Home

Artificial Turf

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A few hacks can help you grab a good deal when selling your home. Artificial turf is one such option. Its immense benefits, like giving it an aesthetic appeal and giving you a green lawn through all seasons, make it one of the best decisions for a homeowner looking to increase the value of your home.

Furthermore, you also save on water, and it requires minimal maintenance. Not to mention its environmental friendliness. You don’t need any chemical application to maintain its color.

Below are different varieties you can try when looking to revamp your home before selling:

SavvyGrow Artificial Grass

If you are looking for artificial turf that doesn’t look too plastic, this is one of your choices. It stands at 1.2 inches with a rubber base; this turf will remain bright all year.

Thanks to its UV resistance, its color doesn’t fade with sun exposure. As a result, it will help you increase your home buyer’s value to a home buyer who wants an evergreen lawn 24/7.

Realistic Artificial Turf Rug

As a homeowner selling your home, this artificial turf is an absolute love for pet owners. Pets can play on the turf without a constant fear of getting into harm’s way.

With a runner base, you can easily clean it and drain off the water to prevent mold growth. It also has a soft touch that is safe for your potential buyer and pet.


The turf is quite a catch for areas in your lawn with no plants sprouting from underground. However, when looking to sell your house, every minor detail matters to your potential buyer, no matter how trivial you may feel it is.

The easy-to-install artificial turf will help you increase your home’s value, giving it a classy look without trying too hard. Furthermore, it also requires low maintenance while still delivering its attractive and green luster.

custom rug, Thick Synthetic Artificial Grass

This artificial turf is a significant selling point when planning to sell your home to family-oriented people with children. At 1.25 inches, it creates a haven where children can play as they toss and turn, even walking barefoot without worry that they will get hurt.

It gives a natural-looking appearance and is also suitable for indoor arenas. A good trick when a potential home buyer comes for viewing is to let them walk barefoot on it. It helps you increase the value of your home.

Golden Moon All Green Artificial Grass

If you are a homeowner with small spaces, here’s gthe ood news. You can install it both in the indoor and outdoor arena.

At 0.4 inches, it is effortless to install and maintain. You don’t need to water it occasionally to keep it attractive. It has a natural look, soft to feel, and one can lie down to relax.

TigerTurf Pet Turf

At 1 inch, the artificial turf is an incredible deal for large pet owners. Moreover, it is also convenient for heavy traffic as families play with pets.

Selling your home can be daunting, as you may find it hard to distinguish between genuine home buyers and jokers. However, it can get a lot easier by taking pictures of your home’s right angles, including the artificial turf areas, and then posting them online.

Whether you’re looking to reduce the amount of work you spend on maintaining your landscaping or increase the value of your home in preparation for a future home sale, installing artificial grass in your home’s yard may be worth the bang for your buck. Moreover, gives room for negotiations to get the best deal. A little patience goes a long way. However, don’t keep potential buyers waiting for too long.

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