The Best Flooring for Resale Value: Wood, Tile, Carpet, and Beyond

What’re the best floors to enhance your home’s resale fee? Whether you’re selling your region or are simply thinking about replacing what is underneath your ft with some thing vibrant and new, you may need to cautiously consider which type of floors you select.
Because floors matters—a lot, in fact, some specialists trust it can be the single largest element with regards to your go back on funding (ROI).
“Flooring subjects highly while promoting a home,” says Stephan Burke, director of luxurious actual estate at Cassis Burke Collection with Brown Harris Stevens. “It straight away impacts if the purchaser will like the residence as they walk into every room and hallway, kitchen, or even exterior patio.”

Choosing the right ground, but, isn’t always cut and dried. Here’s a way to figure out which floors are nice for your private home.
The first-rate floors for resale cost: The ROI on wooden floors
Cost: $5-$ ten consistent with rectangular foot
ROI: 70%-80%
Wood flooring is one of the high-quality investments you may make. They’re long-lasting, flexible, and most consumers love them. According to actual property professionals, the average ROI for putting in hardwood flooring is ready 70% to eighty%, and wood floors can increase the sales price of your own home as much as 2.5%.
And in some locations, particular types of wood flooring are favorite, says Fiona Dogan, a real property agent with Sotheby’s International Realty in Rye, NY. For instance, huge-plank hardwood flooring is the great type for resale inside the Northeast.
The disadvantage of timber? It’s price. While there are an extensive variety of alternatives, specialists estimate that famous woods (inclusive of very well walnut) fee around $5-$ ten according to the square foot, plus an extra $4-$eight in keeping with the rectangular foot for installation.

What’s the resale fee of tile, stone, or marble floors?
Wood can be king, but it’s now not continually the exceptional choice for your private home. For example, in tropical climates like Florida, maximum houses avoid wood floors, considering the fact that it is recognized to warp and grow mold inside the heat, humid air.
Instead, some owners stick with tile, stone, and marble floors, and the ROI varies for every.
Ceramic Tile
Cost: $12-$25 in step with the rectangular foot
ROI: 70% on common
Since most of the price of ceramic tile is spent on exertions, its ROI is essentially decided via who installs it, says Alex Biyevetskiy, a home transforming professional with RemodelingImage.Com. It turns out you can earn a quite penny by way of installing ceramic tile yourself.
“If you could do it and get results that appearance expert, the go back on funding will exceed a hundred%,” he says. “Replace sheet vinyl with affordable DIY ceramic tile, and ROI is probably two hundred%.”
Porcelain Tile
Cost: $18-$32 in step with the rectangular foot
ROI: fifty-five % on common
Buyers who have done their studies are in particular drawn to porcelain tile. “Denser and more long-lasting tile than ceramic, porcelain is premium floors that holds its appropriate appears for decades,” Biyevetskiy says. “As such, it catches the eye of savvy consumers searching out fee.”
However, its high price tag will decrease your ROI. Not simplest is porcelain tile extra luxurious. However you will additionally pay for professional installation. Common remodeling projects that use porcelain, like an upscale toilet reworking, bring an average ROI of 55%.
Stone Tile
Cost: $12-$35 per rectangular foot
ROI: 55%-70%
Low-cease stones like slate may cost a little less to put in, but this rugged appearance can turn buyers off and lower your ROI. Premium stones like granite can fee as plenty as $35 in line with a rectangular foot to install, but consumers may be inclined to pay extra for the satisfactory.
Marble Tile
Cost: $18-$ forty-four consistent with square foot
ROI: Less than 50%
Despite its top seems, marble’s ROI is low, clocking in below 50%. So what gives?
“Marble gives unsurpassed sophistication, however, its popularity for needing upkeep and for staining places off a part of potential consumers,” Biyevetskiy says.
The resale price of carpet
Cost: $4-$6.50 according to rectangular foot.
ROI: 25%-forty%
Carpet just doesn’t reduce it for many consumers.
“Most buyers expect to see hardwood flooring, as a minimum in the foremost areas,” says Ted Moore, a builder at Little Harbor Homes in Marblehead, MA. “Carpet, unless emblem-new, can improve questions about its cleanliness and sturdiness, and these days, simply feels dated.”
In a few instances, however, it can be worthwhile funding. Since putting in carpet is particularly reasonably-priced, it may be a terrific choice for sellers seeking to spend little to spruce up their home.
“Some have called it the ‘paint of floors,’ because carpet freshens the advent of a home at little value,” Biyevetskiy says. “Its fee is making the house greater palatable to ability buyers.”
How to decide the best floors for resale value for your property
When determining if timber or any other high-priced flooring choice is worth it, check the modern fee of your home and the conventions of the place wherein you stay.
“I continually take a look at the comps inside the vicinity and attempt to guide my sellers from there,” says Melissa Yocum, a real property agent at Keystone Realty Team in Galena, OH. “It doesn’t do any true to place marble in a $one hundred twenty,000 residence, due to the fact you’re going to pressure it beyond your fee factor.”
Generally, the most vital issue of floors is to make certain it fits the rate of your house, Yocum provides. “The best laminate is going to head a long way in a low- or mid-range residence.”

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