Recent years have seen a shift in buyer activity across the United Kingdom’s belongings marketplace. London’s lot-publicized decline in recognition among buyers and renters paved the way for growth across key nearby cities such as Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds. However, several local towns have been quietly rising as areas of increasing call for and residence charge boom, even inside the South East. Average averages are currently skewed with the aid of a flailing London market.


Such towns include Bicester, Bracknell, and Slough, speedily shaking off its formerly dull image to become a critical contender along the Crossrail course. All three examples are not unusual: full-size regeneration and investment initiatives deliberate and underway, lower house and condominium expenses than neighboring high-priced opposite numbers, and big present-day and projected boom. These areas constitute a sizable alternate and opportunity within the UK’s diversifying assets market.


Renowned internationally for its designer buying outlet, there’s more to this vibrant Oxfordshire market city than cut-fee dressmaker gadgets, specifically regarding assets. Just 15 mins into the center of Oxford and around 45 mins into important London, Bicester is a dream for commuters who like to work or play in either metropolis. Crucially, its main benefit over both cities is its appreciably extra low-cost residence costs:

Average residence charges* in Oxford and London presently sit down at £510,753 and £729, one hundred and five respectively, against a much extra lower priced £329, one hundred sixty-five in Bicester. With such excessive metropolis fees now outpricing increasing numbers of customers and renters alike, nearby areas, including Bicester, have begun to grow in recognition.

Bolstering this reputation, Bicester is presently taking part in £hundreds of thousands worth of funding through its fame as a ‘Garden Town’ and Cherwell District Council’s 20-yr ‘Growing Bicester’ initiative, which includes the development of a floor-breaking new ‘inexperienced’ village, Graven Hill, comprising more than a few self-construct houses and buy-to-let residences.

Furthermore, because of its place alongside the booming corridor between Oxford and Cambridge, Bicester has been named as one of the quickest developing financial centers in Oxfordshire. As a result, the metropolis’s population is anticipated to almost double in 2032, from 30,000 to 50,000 – desirable information for investors.

Eddie Bowers
Eddie Bowers
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