Things you must recognise earlier than you hire a house

Moving to a new town may be daunting. Yet, for plenty of Indian college students and experts, in particular, millennials, it’s miles an inevitability. The first thing you need to arrange for once you circulate is lodging. According to Economic Survey 2017-18, 28% of India’s city dwellers stay in a rented house. If you’re trying to find a condominium lodging, you may stumble upon landlords who set their personal terms and situations or are adamant approximately increasing the lease yearly. To keep away from being taken for an experience, you need to be privy to your rights as a tenant. We list 8 things that you should recognize before you move into a condo domestic.

Things you must recognise earlier than you hire a house 1

Rent and increment

Rent is determined via different factors, including the vicinity, age of the belongings, high-quality creation, and facilities. “Rental values variety between 2% and four% of the assets fee. A certain premium is linked to the property fee if the vicinity is high and in demand,” said Ramesh Nair, chief govt officer and united states of America head, JLL India, a real property offerings firm. The rate of the boom in hiring is to be decided via the owner and the tenant, and the owner can’t unreasonably increase the rent.

Most states have created their personal guidelines to modify local rent growth. However, for residential properties in most parts of India, landlords can only boom the rent with the aid of around 10-eleven% every 12 months. If a dispute arises between a landlord and tenant, the Rent Control Act mandated using the authorities is observed,” said Saurabh Garg, co-founder and leader enterprise officer, Nobroker.Com, a web real estate search portal.

However, the stoop in real property has affected leases. Rental marketplace trends also range from town to city and locality to locality, which gives you room to negotiate the amount in place of sticking to the rent agreement. The high-quality way to move about it’s far to have a chat together with your landlord and agree on an affordable hike.

It is the landlord’s duty to make certain that basic amenities inclusive of everyday water delivery and electricity are to be had. If the owner’s strength or water supply is disconnected, the tenant can file a police grievance or approach the courtroom or rent controller. “If the condo is underneath a housing society, and there may be a dispute, tenants also can approach the citizens’ welfare affiliation for mediation,” said Nair.

Flat protection

Except in cases of ordinary wear and tear, it is more often than not the responsibility of the owner to bear the fee of upkeep of the property and different related fees. However, many residential societies additionally collect upkeep costs. It is first-class to get clarity from the landlord earlier and be aware of the prices you’ll have to pay. The payment of preservation prices to society depends on the contract between the landlord and the tenant. Generally, those costs are factored into the lease or paid one at a time through the tenant,” said Vijay Pal Dalmia, partner, Vaish

Associates Advocates, a law firm. Once the rent settlement is signed, the flat belongs to the tenant for the agreed tenure, and the landlord can not enter the flat without the tenant’s consent, although it’s far on the behest of wearing upkeep inside the residence. “Repairs ought to be done with the mutual consent of both tenant and landlord. If a person shares an awesome courting with their landlord, he can coordinate and get the assignment performed. However, the landlord needs to bear the cost of production and associated upkeep,” said Nair.


Most landlords in Indian cities ask for a safety deposit. Sometimes the quantity may be as high as six months to 12 months of lease. The deposit amount relies upon nearby marketplace exercise and differs throughout towns. It additionally relies upon the form of assets you’re renting. If it’s far an unfurnished rental, one month’s rent might be sufficient. However, it is probably higher for a furnished condo. Landlords ask for a deposit to shield their hobby if the tenant vacates the assets without clearing software payments or causes damages.

You can well deal down this quantity. Also, make sure that the deposit quantity is stated in the hire settlement. “In instances in which local Rent Control Acts are relevant, there can be sure regulations,” stated Dalmia. For instance, at the same time as The Maharashtra Rent Control Act doesn’t explicitly state something approximately the safety deposit, the Delhi Rent Control Act limits the safety deposit to 1 month’s hire.

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