ThinkLab’s Research Initiatives Previewed at Interior Design’s 2019 Giants Conference

In November of 2018, SANDOW, Interior Design’s parent company, announced an exciting new development with the acquisition of Contract Consulting Group (CCG)—now rebranded as ThinkLab. Amanda Schneider, founder of CCG and now president of ThinkLab, had cultivated an authoritative information of settlement interiors through layout-minded studies. On Tuesday, the Giants have been given a first have a look at the potential of ThinkLab’s new position, operating in tandem with Interior Design.

“We like to say we are designers who suppose like researchers and researchers who think like designers,” stated Schneider, introducing ThinkLab in the very last session of Giants of Design. “I say I’m a clothier with the aid of diploma, a journalist using accident, and a researcher by way of preference,” she brought, occurring to explain her schooling in industrial design and her next careers in layout journalism, marketing, and studies. “This is in which my company was built, at this intersection of layout and studies.”
“Our purpose [at CCG] become to look at the world of layout and connect it back with the product producers to assist them to improve their products, sales procedure, or maybe their marketing—to help them join better with you,” stated Schneider, gesturing to the designers. “Research is on the core of all we do. We music trends, both as reporters and researchers, to peer how they are rising inside the industry. We’re doing product studies, and the third one is our manner evolution. Now with Interior Design, we are saying we’ve the daily insight into the challenges of architects and designers who specify over $78 billion in products, and the customers who hire them.”


After an introduction to ThinkLab, Schneider released right into a conversational Q&A with the designers and producers within the room, setting her finger at the pulse of the maximum urgent problems of situation. Mostly, the conversation centered around the most extensive modifications to the business of design within the final five years. Attendees stated corporate developers are disrupting indoors design, the evolution of computer-aided design tools and resources, several acquisitions and mergers, and quicker speed to the marketplace than ever earlier than.
Schneider then defined to attendees ThinkLab’s initiative to resolve frustrations with the settlement furniture marketplace in each Chicago and Washington, D.C. She shared that ThinkLab looked at the procedure experience as a whole, concerning builders, sellers, indoors designers, and manufacturers. “You get the idea that we are a bit exceptional than different marketplace research corporations,” she said. “We truly have an ardor for this enterprise.”

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