True Food Kitchen New CMO is Cooking up Some Modern Marketing

True Food Kitchen, the pioneer in fitness-pushed marketing, is on the circulate. It has grown from 11 eating places in 2015 to 27, with six moreanned in 12 months. A new online ordering revel in February and a brand new loyalty application are ready to stay. Shannon Keller was promoted from vice president of advertising and marketing to the logo’s first CMO and is taking advertising and marketing into contemporary technology. She spent 15 years in the company aspect and is skilled.

Fell in love with—True Food Kitchen as a patron earlier than the company reached out to her with a suggestion to enroll as director of marketing. Keller shares her revel in getting into the CMO position and how she plans to transport True Food Kitchen through strategic emblem initiatives, partnerships, occasions, and progressive applications. She additionally gives recommendations to agency specialists and different entrepreneurs looking to climb the ladder to the C-suite.

True Food Kitchen New CMO is Cooking up Some Modern Marketing 1

CHIEF MARKETER: How is the CMO job extraordinary from vice president advertising?

SHANNON KELLER: It’s no longer like something adjustments daily. You’re running within the function length earlier than you get the name. As a CMO, you must adapt to all the technological modifications and how consumers interact with manufacturers. We must be related to all the touchpoints.

It’s staying ahead of those traits, running carefully with each character’s heads, and building an imaginative and prescient team of internal entrepreneurs and outside partners. I paint now more than ever with our IT department.

CM: What are your obligations?

SK: Creating meaningful techniques and doable plans, yet hard and developing the right size to screen the achievement. The largest duty is setting the level for change, looking ahead to our emblem’s destiny.

Developing a method to surmount the demanding situations. Before, you were focused on the present, and now, the larger photo of where this enterprise will be five years from now. It’s questioning what we’re doing terrifically and being ready to act upon new opportunities.

CM: What have been your first steps as CMO?

SK: The position got here at a perfect time. We were starting the year and took a huge photo approach. We’re looking at identical keep income as a logo and how to grow them. We ran over a year to construct our online custom ordering experience, taking that to the end line.

We partnered with OLO and its platform to launch the experience and outline a roadmap to develop online and in-save income. Another massive initiative is launching our branded app and loyalty application. Getting the ones to the end line and growing a plan to help those have been an enormous initiative with various moving parts.

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