6 approaches to get more kitchen space

Make extra counter space
If you need a further flat floor while getting ready meals, look no further than your kitchen drawers. Open the top drawer and lay a cutting board throughout it for an additional level in a pinch.
Assuming you aren’t actively the usage of your range, you could additionally rest a slicing board on the pinnacle of the burners (making sure they are off and no more extended heat or warm) to gain some more prep space.
Create an immediate island
If you’ve got a room, try a permanent solution by using including a small island inside the center of your kitchen can provide you with a greater counter area and storage area. I made a bit island in my kitchen by placing a 2nd-hand dresser that becomes round waist-high within the center of my kitchen. I painted it to suit my cabinets so it might blend in.
Then, I finished it by adding a wood slicing board on the pinnacle to make the floor extra durable. Some home development stores will reduce a chunk of butcher block countertop to custom-match the top of your island.

If you can’t discover a dresser that is the best top to apply as an island, there are more than one alternatives. Consider slicing off or removing the legs to make it shorter or add rolling casters to to the bottom make the cloth cabinet taller.
You can also style your very own kitchen island out of IKEA furniture — test out these IKEA kitchen island hacks for suggestion.


Use the gap under your cabinets
You can upload more storage space for your kitchen by using making use of the useless area below your cabinets.
Adding a hanging wine glasses rack, silverware or knife drawer, mug hooks or a storage rack below your cabinets is a less expensive and smooth manner to make more magnificent room for your kitchen essentials.
You can discover hanging organizers that can be mounted without screws (like the one in the photograph) — an excellent choice for rental houses or residences. They hook around the bottom of the cabinet and can be moved as wished.
Use the cupboard doorways, too
Cabinet doorways are an excellent area to create storage as correctly. Purchase some racks that grasp on the inside of cupboard doors to shop pan lids, cleansing resources and cutting forums.
You also can use plastic adhesive hooks to hold foil and plastic wrap boxes on the interior of your cabinet doors.

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