What Happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

Twenty-5 years after Nala and Simba stimulated many a surprising sexual awakening, a new version of The Lion King arrives in theaters this week. Tragically, it does no longer functions as a cameo using the original voice of Young Simba: the person, the myth, the M.I.A. Legend that is Jonathan Taylor Thomas. A floppy-haired moppet of an infant actor with a sequence-smoker’s rasp, JTT reached a stratospheric level of teenager idoldom usually reserved for pop stars and boy bands.

When painstakingly organized compositions of Bop and Tiger Beat’s greatest centerfolds papered tween bedrooms across the nation, his face commandeered the lion’s share of 90s actual estate. (The common make-up, primarily based in basic terms on my own revel in, changed into 80 percentage Thomas, 20 percent Devon Sawa and a gratuitous rotating nook for Andrew Keegan or the kid from Free Willy.)

And then–in his past due to teenagers, proper around the time of Y2K—he stops Home Improvement, did more than one indie movie, and vanished completely. Now 37, he hasn’t walked a crimson carpet in 15 years and has made only a few on-display screen appearances. He failed to run from a big scandal or have a public breakdown, so why did the arena’s primary youngster idol disappear?

Let’s take it from the pinnacle.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was born Jonathan Taylor Weiss within the no longer-so-little metropolis of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on September 8, 1981, and raised in Sacramento, California. After his dad and mom break up, he moved with his brother Joel and mother/supervisor to Los Angeles, in which he sooner or later broke into Hollywood at the ripe age of eight and adopted his brother’s center name as his new closing call.

As Thomas commenced to ebook modeling gigs and advertisements, it has become clear to all of us that this turned into a septuagenarian trapped within the body of a photogenic baby star. A religious vegetarian, he turned into a self-defined capture-and-release “fly-fishing nut” who, in keeping with an Angelfire fan page, as soon as stuck an 80-pound halibut. He became small for his age and talked like a cool, however international-weary philosopher patiently awaiting all people to get on his degree.

Which, seemingly, turned into precisely what casting marketers cherished. The tiny skills landed his first large role in 1989, playing Greg Brady’s son on a Brady Bunch spin-off collection. Three episodes of In Living Color accompanied—consisting of one traumatic “Home Alone Again” caricature wherein he performed Macaulay Culkin avoiding an intruding Michael Jackson—earlier than he scored his career-making gig as Randy Taylor on Home Improvement in 1991. Home Improvement changed into an on-the-spot hit for ABC, and by 12, Thomas becomes the largest tween big name in America—and already laid low with burnout.

You have faculty, buddies, mastering your traces and ensuring your performance is up to the mark,” he told People in 1994. “I can’t inform you what number of suggests I’ve done with full-blown migraine complications. In addition to charming the country as Tim Allen’s clever-cracking middle son, he turned into additionally churning out circle of relatives-pleasant movies on the side: The Lion King, 1995’s Man of the House and Tom and Huck, The Adventures of Pinocchio in 1996, Wild America (a.K.A. Heartthrobs in Nature) in 1997 and I’ll Be Home For Christmas with Jessica Biel and Robbie from 7th Heaven in 1998.

But Premiere magazine cited that while Hollywood wanted Thomas to be “the following Macaulay Culkin,” he’d prefer to join the DGA and be “the next Ron Howard.” How extreme do you’re taking these things? I imply you need to be targeted on doing an amazing job, but… Each activity has a give up,” Thomas informed the opening whilst he was just 14. “I think maximum [fallen child stars] weren’t organized for the stop. I imply it’s no longer the end of your life! You can’t base your life around one issue.

OMG! It’s JTT!

In retrospect, the writing changed into the wall from Day One. He loved performing. However, he hated the mag covers. Hated the eye on his non-public existence. And he honestly hated being called JTT.

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