Home Selling Property Bishop, 16 others booked for promoting church houses

Bishop, 16 others booked for promoting church houses

Bishop, 16 others booked for promoting church houses

A case of forgery has been registered against Church of North India (CNI) Bishop Peter Baldev and 16 others for allegedly selling church homes really worth Rs 10,000 crore in a case that might show to be one among the most important church scams in u . S.
The case has been registered at Civil Lines police station in Uttar Pradesh.
The accused were charged with the usage of faux documents to switch properties belonging to Indian Church Trustees.
The criticism has been filed with the aid of Bishop John Augustine of the Lucknow Diocese of Church of India, Pakistan, Burma, and Ceylon (CBC).
The complainant has stated that in 1970, some Bishops of Church of India had constituted Church of North India Trust Association. Later, the usage of fraudulent manner, the put up of Bishop of Calcutta turned into created.
“The equal human beings in 1991, unfold this faux agency and transferred the residences belonging to Indian Church Trustees, well worth Rs one thousand crores, to the Church of North India Trust Association,” the complainant said.
Those named in the complaint are Bishop Peter Baldev, P.C. Singh, P.P. Marandi, P.K. Samanta Roy, general secretary Alwin Masih, Jayant Agarwal, Pal Dupahre, P.P. Habil, Suresh Jacob, Rajiv Chand, A.R. Stephen, H.R. Mal, Marvin Masih, Prem Masih, Ashok Vishwas, Prabal Dutta, and Shashi Prakash.
The transferred assets consist of church properties on Mahatma Gandhi Marg Lucknow and in Allahabad.
The accused have reportedly shared Rs 10,000 crore amongst themselves.
Senior police authentic in Allahabad said that the case has been registered and investigations have started.
“The investigations will need time for the reason that variety is instead huge. If the allegations are observed proper, this will be one of the biggest church scams in current years,” senior police stated.
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