Couple, 3 Others Assaulted By Drunk Men In South Delhi: Cops

A lady from Darjeeling turned into allegedly assaulted, and her pals overwhelmed up in south Delhi on Tuesday morning when they objected to offensive feedback exceeded employing 3 men, police stated. The lady, who works at a private company, becomes returning to her home in Kotla Mubarakpur in conjunction with her husband, Ganesh, and three different buddies after attending a party. Around 2.15 am when they reached close to Subhash Gali crossing, 3 men drinking on the roadside abused them, following which an altercation started, Nitesh Shankar, one of those injured, said. Soon, the inebriated guys drove Leena and thrashed our pal Pranay Pradhan,” Nitesh Shankar said, including Leena Subba’s husband Ganesh and every other woman, Laxmi, were also assaulted.

Pranay Pradhan, who became hit with a wood plank in his head, is in a crucial condition and is undergoing remedy at Safdarjung Hospital, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), Vijay Kumar, said. Pranay Pradhan, 23, is a chef at a Khan Market eating place, and Nitesh, 27, works there as a cashier. Police said men Yogesh, 19, and Saurav, 23, had been arrested, and a hunt is direct to arrest the third character. They had been charged for attempt to homicide.

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