Sanders, AOC, and Others Demand Workplace Safety Investigation of Amazon

Following the day gone by’s Prime Day strike at a fulfillment middle in Shakopee, Minnesota, over a dozen progressive lawmakers—including Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ro Khanna—co-signed a letter to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to request a “complete investigation into the place of business conditions” in Amazon and its subsidiary agencies’ warehouses. Reporting has uncovered some of the issues inside Amazon’s substantial logistics network. Like the organization’s incredible manipulation over workers’ time and productivity demands, some look systemic and are the source of allegations, including employees urinating in bottles to hit quotas, fainting during the activity, or growing repetitive pressure accidents. Others have been freak injuries.

Sanders, AOC, and Others Demand Workplace Safety Investigation of Amazon 1

These include the Amazon worker who becomes overwhelmed by way of a forklift in Indiana, the only one killed via a truck in Pennsylvania, or the two times warehouse workers being uncovered to undergo spray—that, in their totality, paint an unflattering photograph of Bezos’s empire. In 2019, running situations in the United States of America should be the first-class and the safest in the world,” the lawmakers’ joint letter to OSHA reads. “Reflected in previous fines levied through your organization, this isn’t the case with Amazon.” As stated; the letter arrives on the heels of a piece stoppage at an achievement middle outdoor Minneapolis, which the lawmakers described as a protest of “their business enterprise’s unfair, hazardous practices.

In an email to Gizmodo, an Amazon spokesperson characterized the strike as an action by “roughly 15 buddies.” “It became apparent to the 1500-full-time staff that an outdoor enterprise used Prime Day to raise its very own visibility, conjured incorrect information and a few accomplice voices to paintings in their favor, and depended on political rhetoric to gas media interest,” the spokesperson introduced. MSP1, as this particular warehouse is called, has been a hotbed of hard work unrest within Amazon’s community. While still a consultant chosen, freshman lawmaker Ilhan Omar spoke to a crowd of activists and workers who marched on MSP1 in December.

The first movement of the kind on U.S. Soil. (Strikes and different actions are much more commonplace at Amazon’s European facilities—as became the case at centers in Germany, Spain, Poland, and England the day before.) In October, Senator Sanders and fellow presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren requested additional statistics about Amazon’s anti-union practices. Suppose Rep. Omar and Sen. Sanders need to help the American employees. In that case, they must focus on passing a regulation that increases the federal minimum wage—$7.25 is just too low,” an Amazon spokesperson informed Gizmodo in reaction to today’s news.

As for the letter, we welcome OSHA to visit our centers, just as we offer public tours to any general public member. They will see that we provide a secure administrative center with enterprise main pay starting at $15/hr, benefits, and schooling opportunities.” Senator Sanders, it has to be referred to, has repeatedly lobbied to increase the minimum salary to $15 per hour. OSHA’s internet site also returns over 200 effects for investigations into Amazon’s facilities, fifty-one of which observed violations.

Rep. Omar visited our facility in Minnesota in advance this year and most effectively had desirable things to mention, so we are amazed at the aid of this letter,” the spokesperson said. “As for Senator Sanders, he has declined our several invitations to visit a facility of his choice.” Gizmodo cannot pick out any prices from Omar praising MSP1. Amazon has not answered a follow-up email asking for examples, and a consultant from Omar’s workplace defined the declaration as erroneous.

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