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We want to educate our personnel, not simply at the job they were hired for (receptionist, programmer, etc.). We must educate them to take over for their supervisor’s job! This education desires to start just as soon as the employee is talented in the activity they were employed to do.
For example, suppose someone is employed as a receptionist. What are the chances that the individual no longer needs to live as a receptionist for the following 30 years of their existence? The odds are quite true. They want another task! Why did they receive the study of the receptionist, then? Because they wished a “job” to pay the bills “while they look for a higher job.”
Why don’t you begin schooling them “for a higher activity?” By doing so, as quickly as they are proficient in the job they have been hired, they are motivated to research even more.
Instead of sitting there looking at their cell smartphone when not busy, they could help their supervisor with some minor tasks (submitting, report maintaining, and so on.). In this way, they may study things from their supervisor’s perspective. This permits them to examine the way of life in their agency!
Furthermore, you might become a “backup” to the supervisor. They can step in on a transient foundation and fill in if the manager is ill or, in any other case, unavailable.
This makes plenty greater than having to train a person to do the supervisor’s process on a brief foundation without knowing what to do!
What does this do?
It creates a climate that is inviting to the employees and, in reality, will grow the morale of the enterprise.
Instead of directing people (commanding them) to do sure jobs, we teach our leaders to train their human beings, in essence, to “update them.” This is going up and down the chain of command!
From the boss who trains his VP to the report clerk who prepares the receptionist, each employee needs to master the activity duties of their instantaneous supervisor. Each stage of the supervisor has to be teaching their very own alternative.
Then, while promotions take place or humans go away, your subsequent stage alternative has already been skilled inside the fundamentals of the next stage task requirements. They won’t realize “the entirety,” but at least the basic, daily functions should be understood. This will reduce when it takes them to be knowledgeable about the greater crucial obligations and responsibilities.
All in all, this technique works. It is the technique of “Replace Yourself” and is the way of life with a purpose to live on in this “contemporary technology” of walking an enterprise.

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