Home Decor one hundred and one: How To Quirk Up Your New Apartment Under 10K

I am a home-decor hoarder. I love shopping for quiet, little stuff for my new condo, making it snug and pleasing, something immediately out of Instagram. But I do no longer buy steeply-priced, mass-produced decor. Instead, I love the decor. This is handcrafted, price range-pleasant, and barely specific from stuff off the rack. So right here’s how I decorated my vicinity under Rs 10K, and you may do it too!

Home Decor one hundred and one: How To Quirk Up Your New Apartment Under 10K 1

Table Lampshade (Bloom)

I am a large fan of ethnic, Bohemian prints. I sense those prints can honestly upload that extra oomph factor to your home. So for my residing room, I picked this suitable floral print lampshade by way of Studio Moya. I am impressed with the current artwork, which by using the way, is a combination of Madhubani art form from Bihar and Tholu Bommalata artform from Andhra Pradesh. Do you recognize what compliments ethnic prints?

Beautiful wood accents for an advanced appearance. However, timber decor can be expensive too.  However, at Think Artly through Suchita Sharma, you can scroll through an entire range of wood domestic decor. This is terrific and lower priced. I bought this wood chandelier-fashion ceiling lamp. Look, how quirky it’s miles! Pro-tip: Go for yellow lights in preference to white. It just brightens up the room and gives a softer sense.

The first-class manner to show boring corners of your dwelling room or studio condo is with the aid of including small information – artsy and extraordinary. So, for example, I offered this super-adorable fashion designer flower vase that right away brightens up the gap and looks stunning as a standalone decorative piece. And bet what? It’s unbreakable too!

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