Build Your Bedroom From Home

It’s time to update your bedroom. Where do you even start? Which retailer is going to offer the best deals? Should you wait for a holiday sale and risk a more limited selection? Should you replace your bedroom furnishings piece by piece or all at once, which may involve a more significant financial commitment? Making the most of online furniture retailers consists of recognizing the unavailable benefits they offer through brick-and-mortar store locations.


The first, and perhaps the most obvious, is the ease of access. What better way to shop than from the comfort of your sofa? You can even shop for your bedroom while in your bedroom. Using the detailed specifications for each furniture set, you can compare each option to the exact dimensions of your bedroom. You can even stand in the bedroom to visualize how a new set will look in the space. A great tip is to use some basic painter’s tape to mark off the placement of each set piece, an easy way to try out different arrangement options.

Of course, you also save time, effort, and money when you can avoid driving from store to store and battling the crowds on weekends or holidays. Online, you can access a store’s selections at all times regarding where to buy bedroom sets; look no further. Not only do sites like 1StopBedrooms offer free delivery on their wide range of collections, but you can also arrange a time that works for your busy schedule. Look for online stores that offer a price-match guarantee, too. This saves you the time of wading through multiple sites to compare prices on the set you want. Perhaps the best news? Online retailers also offer flexible monthly payment plans that can put the best value bedroom sets within reach and empower you to invest in your future with furniture that will last.

Your biggest challenge in shopping online will be the sheer number of options. This is where opting for a bedroom set rather than individual pieces can offer some much-needed direction and develop a clear course for the interior design of the rest of the room. A set is specifically designed to work together stylistically and functionally. Rather than worrying about maintaining a consistent style within your bedroom, you can devote your effort to customizing a set to fit your space. Your bedroom furniture arrangement has the most dramatic impact on your enjoyment of your personal space. If your room feels crowded, you will be far less relaxed than in an open, comfortable area. So, how can you craft this environment?

Look for bedroom sets with multifunctionality. The more functions each piece of furniture accomplishes, the fewer pieces will be required, and the more floor space will be open and accessible. Of course, this equation becomes more complicated but not impossible in smaller or narrower bedrooms. Options like lofted or trundle beds can optimize the use of your space, and you can even combine functions of the entire room by creating a home office beneath your loft or selecting a dresser with a fold-out desk feature. Rather than paying for an additional bookshelf that will take up more space, a bed frame with a built-in bookcase or extra sliding storage under the frame can also make the most of your available space.

You know your style best. While tips and guidelines for navigating the process are helpful, you should not undervalue the importance of liking your furniture. If this sounds silly, consider how much time the average adult spends in their bedroom—over a third of their life. Taking the time to carefully think through how you want your bedroom to support you and your lifestyle can be the difference between restful sleep and anxious wakefulness, particularly if your clothes and other personal items are scattered around the room. Maintaining a clean, organized, and welcoming space is far easier when every item has a home. Getting started is as easy as opening your laptop. Get to it.

Eddie Bowers
Eddie Bowers
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