Honkarakenne to present a fully accessible home at Tuusula Housing Fair 2020

Honkarakenne to present a fully accessible home at Tuusula Housing Fair 2020

PRESS RELEASE 4 April 2019 at 9.00

Honkarakenne will construct a fully accessible home for Mikael Turtiainen, who suffers from severe disability due to his injury in a tram accident in 2008. Honkarakenne will also build a home on the same lot for Mikael’s personal assistant Sanni and her spouse. The homes will be presented to the public at Tuusula Housing Fair 2020, and their progress can be followed in the blog VillaMikaelVillaSanni.com.

The design of the homes and outdoor areas considers the shared lives of the two households. It offers views of the surrounding nature and easy access between the home, rehabilitation studio, and sauna facilities. The goal is to construct an environmentally friendly and healthy home that lends itself to communal living and considers accessibility, aesthetics, and smart solutions that assist in daily tasks.

General and architectural design are provided by Arkkitehdit Mustonen Oy, and outdoor design by Arkkitehdit Mustonen Oy and Mikael Turtiainen.In Villa Mikael, all interior and outdoor spaces are situated on a single floor without door sills or ramps. The home is equipped with several functions designed to simplify daily tasks.

Such as electric interior doors, remote-controlled window blinds, and an automated, microchip-controlled dog door to allow free access outside. A single smartphone or tablet can control all technological solutions.

Similar design concepts are applied in Villa Sanni for a young family with limited finances to construct their small and compact dream home. The homes will be constructed by Honkarakenne using its new Honka Frame technology. Home construction based on timber frame technology is a new addition in the Honka portfolio, but the method has long roots in Central Europe and the US, for example.

The homes’ load-bearing frames are constructed from pre-cut solid wood beams combined using traditional wooden joints. The sturdy and bearing Honka Frame allows for large glass windows and open spaces without partition walls. In addition, the homes use wood fiber insulation, and their interior design favors wooden materials.

The Tuusula homes will be heated using a water-air heat pump and solar power. Ventilation in the homes will be natural ventilation. Full accessibility seems to be a new concept in detached house construction. We wanted a home that is accessible, healthy, and aesthetically beautiful and uses both traditional, tested methods and the latest technological innovations. We are delighted to have had Honkarakenne actively involved in the development process,” thanks to Mikael’s father, Petri Turtiainen.

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